Kids and Anxiety: What is Thought? (Part Two)

Hello everyone – well I’m in the middle of a pile of cardboard boxes, dollies, and carts. Yes, I’m moving and it’s been exciting to be going to a bigger place but also takes focus. So rather than delay – here’s a short post to follow up on Part One about my bullied student who was becoming a bully. This little boy in my yoga class was feeling bullied and doesn’t know what to do about the bully except to

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Kids and Anxiety: What is Thought? (Part One)

Picture by GangaSunshine As all of us who work with children know – stress and anxiety are not only for those with bills to pay and families to feed. Anxiety and Acting Out in Class Last week in my kids’ yoga class one of the boys was acting unusually defiant. He was acting out and not following the rules to the point where he ended up crashing into one of the other kids in the class. No one was permanently

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Getting Ready to Survey your Market: Writing your Info Interview Survey

Getting ready to survey your market: writing your interview survey

“Could I Get Your Advice?” Have you ever noticed people love to give advice? It is flattering to be asked an opinion, especially if it’s considered more valuable because of your expertise. In the business world one way of getting an expert’s advice is an Information Interview where you can get: advice on a new field before you enter it inside information on trends in the market best practices, details, and facts from someone in the field An Information Interview

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