Yoga Literacy Training: 16 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate

Bring yoga to children with the Frog Yoga Alphabet.

In the Yoga Literacy Certificate you’ll take an in depth look at how to teach yoga poses, the way kid like to do yoga, using the Frog Yoga Alphabet.  You’ll get practical experience and know exactly how to teach kids yoga using the letters of the alphabet, partner poses, and 22 games and activities for early readers to teens. You’ll enhance your understanding of how kids do yoga with both fun and safety in mind.

kids yoga teacher training wit the yoga alphabet uses parnter yoga and safety instructions

Colour, colouring pages, and teachers instructions

About the Yoga Literacy Certificate:

  • Teach Yoga Properly: You’ll take an in-depth look at alignment in kids yoga so you teach yoga safely and properly which prevents yoga injuries. With the 5 Point Check List for all yoga poses, you’ll learn the principles of alignment for teaching yoga poses, principles that transfer to all yoga poses.
  • You’ll cover yoga activities for ages 3 – 15 years old and variations for yoga poses for each age group.
  • Discover how the Alphabet is more than letters, it’s word games and storytelling too! You’ll learn how to make yoga interesting for kids using their names and props included in your registration.
  • Utilize Literacy and Storytelling Games that make yoga fun and enhance spelling and other school lessons.
  • Engage kids in fun partner yoga poses.
  • You’ll also teach relaxation techniques that are great for calming kids at the beginning of class, re-gaining focus when needed throughout your lesson plan, and providing much needed relaxation at the end of class.
  • Yoga Camp Practicum: observe your trainer leading a yoga class using the Frog Yoga Alphabet. Then you will be given specific games and activities from the Frog Yoga Alphabet to practice teach, under the supervision of the trainer, during the Yoga Camp. Participants will observe and support each other teaching during the Yoga Camp.

Yoga Literacy Certificate Includes:

Kids Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack

The Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack

Each participant will receive the complete “Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack” (Valued at $69). You will receive these two teacher training manuals in both hard copy and e-book print and play format.

Included in the Yoga Literacy Certificate:

  • Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack – 2 manuals in e-book and hard copy format (Value $69)
    • E-book includes Print and Play Resources:
      • Colour Yoga Alphabet in full page and 1/4 page size
      • Yoga Alphabet in Black and White Colouring Pages in full page and 1/4 page size
      • Tons of warm-ups, yoga for the classroom, games, and activities
      • License to print the “Frog Yoga Alphabet” for all the children you teach
  • Big Frog Yoga Alphabet Book – 8.5″ x 11″: a 26 page Alphabet Book in bright and beautiful colour (Value $19.99)
  • Frog Yoga Alphabet Cards – 4″ x 6″: A deck of Yoga Cards great for games and lesson plans (Value $19.99)
  • Yoga Alphabet Poster English – 11″ x 17″ Colour Poster for your wall (Value: $9.99)
  • Yoga Alphabet Poster French – 11″ x 17″ Colour Poster of “L’Alphabet de Yoga Grenouille” (Value $9.99)
  • Total Value of Materials included with the Yoga Literacy Kids Yoga Training: $126.96

picture of yoga alphabet cards included in the Yoga Literacy Kids Yoga Teacher Training 16 Hour Certificate

The secret to Frog Yoga Alphabet’s likeability is its versatility.

Kids are insatiable and naturally curious. They are interested in playing the role of leader, they love to use their imagination,

And they have to have lots of fun in order to really learn.

The frog illustrations are an immediate attractor factor. Good, clean design is intrinsic to learning. Plus, pre-school to teens . . . frogs are cool at school.

– J.W. Certified Primary/Junior Teacher

(Certificate can be taken alone or as part of the 95 hour Certification)
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Simple, Fun Ways I Use Frog Yoga Alphabet With 4-to-9-year olds

I teach a 10-week yoga studio class, with weekly one-hour sessions. Here are the top ways my 4 to 9-year-olds like to participate:

  • #1 My Yoga Name Book ~ The kids learn the poses from the Frog Yoga Alphabet. Using the Frog Yoga Flash Cards they spell their names, practice the corresponding yoga poses, and then we bind their coloured in letters together to create a book. The last class is parent presentation. The kids perform their book for the audience . . . they love being the teacher and the experience is especially bonding. The kids feel empowered.
  • #2 Hangman Yoga ~ Adding frog yoga poses to the traditional hangman word game is a great way for elementary school kids to identify letters and words. Movement really locks in retention. I print the pre-drawn hangman page in the workbook and choose the word. For each letter picked, the class does the pose for a count of 3 breaths. Then they get to see if their pick was a good one!
  • #3 Frog Yoga Word Scramble ~ I choose a 5 letter word and tape a letter upside down on the backs of 5 children. The children with the letters on their backs, get into handstands in a row, by placing their feet up the wall so that their letter shows rightside up. Then the remaining children take turns unscrambling the word by directing one child at a time to move into a new position. The children do this until the letters are in the correct order and the word is revealed. It is a creative way to learn new words, practice spelling and a fun way to keep the kids focused.

Frog Yoga Alphabet works equally well in the classroom or the yoga studio. School teachers, kids yoga teachers, parents . . . the tool is here, the rest is up to you.

The Yoga Literacy Certificate can be taken alone or as a part of the Young Yoga Masters 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification.

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