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Yoga for children with special needs - downward dog poseYou Can Accommodate Children with a Variety of Needs in Your Classes!

All children come with a unique set of needs. Discover effective techniques to bring yoga to all children. This Certificate gives you an introduction to Inclusive Yoga with information, resources, and class plans for groups that are not always represented in typical yoga materials.

About the Certificate:

  • Introduction to understanding children with special needs, including children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Anxiety, and Different Abilities
  • Yoga for Boys as a special population – so boys don’t continue to think of yoga as a “girl thing.”
  • Yoga Sensitivity – how to introduce yoga to children in a way that respects all cultures, religions, and those of no religion that is extremely school friendly too.
  • Comparisons of a session with kids in a typical yoga class and yoga with kids with different needs.
  • Sample lesson plans for children of different ages using specialized props and stories to enhance the teachings.
  • How to set up your classroom to minimize distracting elements.
  • Use of Visual Schedules and Visual Antecedent Procedures to ease anxiety.
  • Strategies for involving and interviewing parents, caregivers and teachers.
  • Using the poses of the Sun Salutation to engage children in short yoga exercises and longer sequences.
  • Yoga Camp Practicum: Three hours of yoga classes with children where you will observe Aruna teaching the kids, then teach with your colleagues from the assigned curriculum. Aruna will be guiding you throughout the camp to give everyone a beautiful experience of kids yoga.
  • and much more…
Yoga for kids with special needs, yoga for boys. yoga crafts and activities

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Course Includes:

You will receive the Yoga Man vs. The Stressor, Yoga for Boys, Stress Reduction, and Teacher Training Package including:

  • Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training Manual including an overview of ASD, Anxiety, and Differently Abled Children.
  • Lesson Plans Samples for Children with Special Needs including visual schedules and other recommendations based on ABA Theory (Applied Behavior Analysis).
  • Stress Reducing Games: With a special focus on Yoga Man facing off against The Stressor. The games in this Module help kids understand stress and stress management.
  • Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: You will have 12 Coloring Pages, one for each pose of the Sun Salutation, including a full “How to” Teachers Manual for all the poses– in hard copy format
  • 10 Sun Salutation Games and 6 Activities: Introduce the Sun Salutation through playful learning. These Ten Games give you a variety of fun activities to introduce the Sun Salutation to your kids – in hard copy format.
  • E-Book version of the “Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Teacher Training”.
  • License to print the “Yoga Man vs. The Stressor” for all the children you teach.

The complete Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Teacher Training


A Wonderful Teaching Tool

Your Yoga Man teachers package is fantastic – great job. We are offering yoga in an after school program, which is separated into boys and girls. Steve is teaching the boys, and what you have created will be a wonderful teaching tool for him to use.

Heidi Bornstein & Stephen Chadwick, Directors of Mindfulness Everyday

Inclusive Yoga Certificate

Become a Children’s Yoga Teacher

The Inclusive Yoga Certificate is part of the Young Yoga Masters Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification,

a Registered Children’s Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

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(Certificate can be taken alone or as part of the 95 hour Certification)


Registration and Information


About the Trainer:

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Aruna Kathy Humphrys: Aruna is the author of The Frog Yoga Alphabet Kids Yoga Teacher Training Double Pack and Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Teacher Training Manual, and the award-winning Young Yoga Masters blog (the world’s first blog covering kids yoga exclusively). A certified yoga instructor since 1998, she has over 200 testimonials from happy adult clients for her Kids Yoga Teacher Training, a Registered Children’s Yoga School. Once upon a time Aruna lived in an Ashram for six years. Now she lives in Ontario, Canada, and enjoys singing, ukulele playing and technology.

Yoga Man Colouring Pages – Yours to Print

My Boys Love Yoga Man

My kids were waiting for the next pose and they were very disappointed when I announced that I didn’t have Yoga Man that week. I teach yoga for kids in my health center in Cyprus. My boys love the whole package, stories, images etc.

– Charalambos Paphitis,, Greece

Creative Ways To Teach Children about Stress

My favourite part of the package is the Games & Activities which provide creative ways to teach children about stress and ways to deal with it in their lives. Varying in duration (15-60 mins) each game is inspired by Sun Salutations. The pose cards from the Colouring Book, and included reflection questions deepen and expand the practice. It’s a classic battle of good vs evil and it’s Yoga Man to the rescue!

– Donna Freeman, Director of YogaInMySchool, Canada

The Inclusive Yoga Certificate can be taken alone or as a part of the Young Yoga Masters 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification.

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Inclusive Yoga Certificate

Become a Children’s Yoga Teacher

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Upcoming Dates

Toronto Weekend Certifications: 2018-2019

Location: Dovercourt House, Toronto Canada

  • Sat. - Sun. Oct. 20-21, 2018 - Family Yoga (4 Hours), Teaching Yoga to Kids (School Age) (8 Hours), Chakras for Children (4 Hours)
  • Sat. - Sun. May 25-26, 2019 - Level 2: Children's Yoga Teacher Mastermind and Curriculum Design (16 Hour Certificate)

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