Upcoming Dates to Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

Young Yoga Masters is a highly acclaimed Kids Yoga Teacher Training that guides you to become a confident kids yoga teacher. We specialize in offering a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School training that is 96 Hours.

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Our love goes out to you for your safety, health, and well-being during these difficult times!

Thank you so much for everything.
Your training went above and beyond all my expectations.

– Wendy (Graduate of Online Training, June 2020)

A New Way of Training for these New Times:

We are living in unusual times that warrant a flexible training schedule.  In the middle of a pandemic, it is not easy to clear your schedule and stay focused for large blocks of time, and there are many new barriers to finding childcare and getting time off work.

At Young Yoga Masters, we are adapting to this “new normal” by moving away from the old way of holding the training as weekend or weeklong intensives (for 2021 anyway) and introducing a more flexible training in its place.

Choose Your Way of Learning

Starting now, you can choose your preferred combination of pre-recorded training and live zoom training calls to complete this 96 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School training.

If you are comfortable with online learning, you can train with pre-recorded courses that you do at your own pace.

If you prefer group interaction, you can attend the live Zoom training calls.

Or you can create your own combination of pre-recorded modules AND live Zoom training.

The choice is now yours.

Please take a look at the schedule and if you are ready to become a kids yoga teacher, complete the application to get started immediately.

Pre-Recorded Training

All modules of training are now available in a self-study format. Get the full description of the modules of training here.

Every 16 Hours = 14 Hours Pre-Recorded Training + 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back

Suggested Path to Graduate as soon as Possible:  Take the online training at a schedule that works for your, book one-to-one support with your trainer when you want it, book your final check-in once you’ve completed all the course work, and graduate! You can connect on the Monthly Live call before or after you graduate.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for making this happen,
thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience and making this happen!
It was waaaaaaaay better than I expected!

– Yuliya (Graduate of Online Training, June 2020)

Live Zoom Training Dates 

If you miss a live Zoom call, it will be recorded and you can watch the recording after your training.

Suggested Training path to Graduate in May 2021: Complete the Mindfulness for Children, Inclusive Yoga, and Level 2 pre-recorded training before February then attend the live training listed below, including 30 hours of live zoom training, and graduate in May*!

  • Tuesday, December 29, 2 – 4 pm (with an activity from the Inclusive Yoga Manual)
  • Tuesday, January 19, 7 – 9 pm (with an activity from the Mindfulness for Children Manual)

Sunday. Feb. 7 + Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021: Yoga Literacy with the Yoga Alphabet (16 Hour Certificate)

  • 4 Hours pre-recorded training, 10 hours live Zoom calls, and 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back
  • 10 Hours Live Zoom calls: 10 am – 12:30 pm, 2 – 4:30 pm each day

Sunday, Feb. 28 + Saturday, March 6, 2021: Themes and Dreams (16 Hour Certificate)

  • 4 Hours pre-recorded training, 10 hours live Zoom calls, and 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back
  • 10 Hours Live Zoom calls: 10 am – 12:30 pm, 2 – 4:30 pm each day

Sunday. April 25, 2021: Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training- School Age (8 Hour Certificate)

  • 1 Hour pre-recorded training, 5 hours live Zoom calls, and 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back
  • 5 Hours Live Zoom calls: 10 am – 12:30 pm, 2 pm – 4:30 pm both days

Saturday. May 1, 2021 (morning) Chakras for Children (4 Hour Certificate)

  • 1 hour pre-recorded training and 3-hour live Zoom Call: 10 am – 1 pm

Saturday. May 1, 2021 (afternoon): Family Yoga (4 Hour Certificate)

  • 1 hour pre-recorded training and 3-hour live Zoom Call: *2 – 5 pm

Sunday, Sept. 19 + Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021: Inclusive Yoga (16 Hour Certificate)

  • 4 Hours pre-recorded training, 10 hours live Zoom calls, and 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back
  • 10 Hours Live Zoom calls: 10 am – 12:30 pm, 2 – 4:30 pm each day

Tuesday’s, Oct. 12, 19, 26, + Nov. 2, 2021: Mindfulness for Children (16 Hour Certificate)

  • 4 Hours pre-recorded training, 10 hours live Zoom calls, and 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back
  • 10 Hours Live Zoom calls: Tuesday’s 6:30 – 9 pm for 4 weeks

Sunday, Nov. 14 + Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021:  Level 2: Mastermind Curriculum Design and Business Planning (16 Hour Certificate)

  • 4 Hours pre-recorded training, 10 hours live Zoom calls, and 2 Hours Practicum Teaching, Reflection, and Report Back
  • 10 Hours Live Zoom calls: 10 am – 12:30 pm, 2 – 4:30 pm each day

*Final Requirement: You will have an Individual Consultation/Check-In with your Trainer once you complete all the modules, to review your work and answer any questions you have about the training.  After this meeting, you are issued your 96 Hour Certificate – (Live Zoom Call – 1 Hour)

If you are interested in joining this online training, please complete the application here and you will be notified when registration opens for the next cohort of training:

Expectations to Receive Your Certificate*:

Yoga Alliance has announced an online training provision for all of 2021.

  • Prerecorded Training: these videos are on our learning platform here.  You can review these at your own pace.
  • Live Zoom Calls: If you choose to attend the live calls, these calls will be recorded and you can watch the replay if you must miss a live call.
  • Practicum Hours – You Teach Kids Yoga Classes: to meet the Yoga Alliance standards for a Registered Children’s Yoga School training, you are required to both observe your trainers teaching kids yoga, and to be the lead teacher in kids yoga classes. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more details on the Practicum.
  • Quizzes:  You will need to successfully complete a multiple-choice quiz in each module.
  • Module Certificate: Once the training hours, quiz, and practicum requirements are successfully completed, you are issued a Certificate for each module you complete.
  • 96 Hour Certificate – Final Check-In: For those taking the full 96 Hour Certification, once all modules are successfully completed, you will schedule a live check-in with your trainer to review your completed work in the training and answer any questions you may have outstanding. Upon completion of the live check-in, your 96 Hour Certificate from Young Yoga Masters in hard copy format, will be mailed to you.

* You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the Young Yoga Masters training.  However, to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance you need both your 200 Hour Certificate (Adult) from a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School + 95 Hour Certificate from a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School + 30 Hours of experience teaching yoga to children after completing your 95 Hour Certificate.  See full details on the Yoga Alliance website here.  Or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

How the Online Yoga Teacher Training will Work

Watch the Webinar with Lead Trainer, Aruna:

Online Training Rates and Application Process:

This online training is by application only.

  • We recommend that you have attended a minimum of 40 adult yoga classes (of any style) before embarking on this program.
  • Applications are now open for the Kids Yoga Teacher Training. You will be notified if your application is accepted and sent an invoice.
  • You require internet access to join the live Zoom Calls and to view the prerecorded training and manuals.
  • For more details of the training, click on the modules above. See our Frequently Asked Questions to see more about the training.

No-Frills Rates: Save $450*

Note: The online training is set at no-frills pricing.  Everything is online including all your manuals and resources (in PDF format that you can download).  With no-frills pricing, no additional resources are mailed to you except your Certificate at the end of the training:

  • 96 Hour Certificate (all modules): $2190 $1740* (CDN)
    (that’s only $290 per 16 Hour Module)
  • 3 Module Special: $1,125 $900* (CDN)
  • 16 Hour Certificate: $480 $375* (CDN)
  • 8 Hour Certificate: $195* (CDN)
  • 4 Hour Certificate: $100* (CDN)

Scholarships: For those who are experiencing a loss of income during the Covid-19 crisis, a relief scholarship of an additional $200 off the full training and $50 off 16-hour training is available for a limited time in the form of a discount coupon.  There are no further discounts on the 8-hour and 4-hour modules.

BIPOC Scholarships: A limited number of partial scholarships are also available for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour to help rectify inequity in income caused by systemic racism, these are granted based on the date of application, availability, with priority given to those already on the Young Yoga Masters newsletter.

Please indicate your interest in the scholarship on the application form.  Once scholarship spots are full, we will update this page (so refresh the page to be sure you are getting the latest information).

*Plus applicable taxes where required by law. Rates are in Canadian currency.  Please check your currency conversion for an estimate if you are outside Canada.

3 Step Registration Process

There are 3 steps to complete your registration for the 96 Hour Certification. Registration will begin for the next cohort in December 2020.

  1. Review the Release, Waiver and Refund Policy for Young Yoga Masters Training ONLINE. By registering you acknowledge your agreement with the Release and Waiver Form and Refund Policy.
  2. Complete the Course Application (no payment required to complete the application).
  3. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, and registration is open, you will be sent an invoice to complete your registration by credit card or e-transfer.

Your registration is not completed until both payment and application forms are received.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


If you are interested in joining this online training, please fill out the training application here:


Refund Policy for Online Training during Covid-19 Outbreak:

This refund policy applies to the Online Training taking place online during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • If a participant needs to withdraw from the training for whatever reason, they may request a transfer to a future online training. Transfers are available only if online training is still permitted to be offered by Yoga Alliance.
    Requests to transfer must be emailed before the training module starts. Email requests to: [email protected] There is no fee to transfer training.
  • If a transfer is not possible, a refund may be requested by writing to [email protected] for the unfinished modules of the course. Only emailed requests will be accepted so please do not use other messengers to make your request.To qualify, requests for refunds must be emailed before the training module starts. The refund will be prorated based on the date of the request and the live training dates that were not completed. A $75+ tax admin fee will be deducted from the refund.
  • Once an online live training has been delivered, there are no refunds.
  • If there are breakdowns in technology at Zoom or Teachable, all efforts will be made to rectify the problems in a timely manner. Courses will resume as soon as possible.
  • Young Yoga Masters reserves the right to substitute trainers or reschedule training, in the event a trainer becomes ill or unavailable. If the new training dates are not suitable to the participant, they may request a transfer or refund as stated above.

By registering for the Training you agree to the full waiver and refund policy here:  Release, Waiver, and Refund Policy- Young Yoga Masters Training ONLINE.

I got your newsletter for years before I signed up for the training, worried that it would be too much time and too hard to handle financially. So when you started the installment plans it made it easy for me to say yes.  Little did I know the training would be so energizing, I couldn’t wait for the training weekends, they were something I looked forward to so much!  It was fun, there were a ton of tools I could use right away, and the people are wonderful, I am still in touch with them.  I have developed into a pretty good kids yoga teacher too because the kids don’t want to leave my class.”
– Kristi B., Graduate Toronto, 2019

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Gives You an Edge

“I’m a supply teacher and it’s given me that edge and separates me from the pack. As a result gym teachers call me to work for them. Teachers call me again because I’ve implemented games and it’s been very successful.”
– Sandra, Young Yoga Masters Graduate

Why Register with Young Yoga Masters?

5 Fundamentals of the Young Yoga Masters Training:

  1. Yoga is more than Pretending to be Animals: Playful animal poses are fun but if that is all you teach you will start to feel like you are putting on a show rather than sharing ancient wisdom. The Young Yoga Masters program incorporates powerful yoga philosophy in kid-friendly lesson plans.  You will deepen your own understanding of yoga as you learn to explain it in a way a three-year-old can understand.
  2. Learn from a Variety of Trainers and Each Other: You will always have more than one trainer in our 96 Hour program and you will always have live, interactive training sessions so you get to learn from the other students.  This happens whether the training is online or in-person. This way, you can see the different ways to teach yoga to children. We don’t want you to copy one teacher, we support you to become an authentic teacher, one who embraces their personal style and who encourages children to be authentic too.
  3. You need a Lot of Activities: You cannot teach kids the way you would teach an adult yoga class. Children are fickle yogis, who don’t have much of a filter.  A few activities and games will get you through a class series, but if you teach 40 or 50 weeks a year, you need a lot of activities, or the kids will start complaining, or worse, not want to come to class.  Our training has over 300 tested activities for yoga classes that keep kids engaged. This encourages kids to keep coming to yoga class so you get to keep teaching!
  4. Structure and Flexibility:  You’ll get tools, so you go into classes prepared. Plus you’ll explore how flexibility and boundaries are required to create safety and sanity in your classes.  This is the winning combination of highly effective teachers.
  5. You need to Teach Kids to Become a Kids Yoga Teacher: Yoga Alliance requires that a graduate of a Kids Yoga Teacher Training has taught actual children. It makes sense! In the Young Yoga Masters training, you will meet the required four hours as lead teacher in kids yoga classes. Which means you don’t just pretend to teach, you get actual experience. Plus, now you’ll learn how to teach online too. You will see how this Yoga Alliance requirement creates confident yoga and mindfulness teachers who have actually taught kids!

These principles create a unique, outstanding training experience.

If you are interested in joining this online training, please fill out the training application here:

Exceeded my Expectations in Every Way!

Connect with others in the training. Here’s what our grads say:

  • It exceeded my expectations in every way
  • really valued the practicum
  • exactly what I needed
  • Aruna is awesome
  • made soul connections!

Have Questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

See a complete description of the Kids Yoga Teacher Training Modules here:

Not sure about the levels of Certification for Kids Yoga Teachers or have other questions?

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page:

Find out more about the Modules of the Kids 95 Hour Training at this link.

Or contact Aruna if you have any questions or for a free consultation on becoming a kids yoga teacher:

Seeing you successfully graduate as a kids yoga teacher is our mission as a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School. We care about your success! This program is filled with activities, games, and tons of practical experience for you to teach yoga to children.

This short video is from the practicum that occurs in each Module where all participants get valuable experience teaching kids yoga.


Here’s how one recent graduate used the training to start a new career:


A Fulfilling Career and A Bond With My Own Children That I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything…

After taking one module with the Kids Camp practicum, I felt confident to approach daycares. With my background in marketing I was teaching children after only one training.  By the end of the training, I have taught over 150 kids yoga classes. This training was a good investment. I have already earned back my investment in the course and more. I was searching for a more fulfilling career and Young Yoga Masters Training has given me that, but has also given me a bond with my own children that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  – Zaheeda Jiwan, Graduate Young Yoga Masters, 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training


Kids Yoga Teacher Certificataion in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and also New Orleans, Nanimo BC and elsewhere.

Get Your Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Now Online!

Train during the temporary online provision from Yoga Alliance

*2021 Dates Pending Yoga Alliance extension of online training provision.

You’ll be glad you did it!