Level 2 Mastermind

Curriculum Design and Business Planning for Kids Yoga Teachers

This module is often the final step* of the 95 Hour Certification. Using the extensive material from the other Young Yoga Masters Certificates, you will study teaching methodology to design successful children’s yoga curricula such as yoga series’ and Yoga Camps. Your lead trainer will provide personal guidance and feedback for you to develop your plan to start teaching, and participants will help one another with ideas and feedback.

You also begin your action plan for finding new classes. Examine effective advertising, networking, and marketing strategies.

*Participants must have permission to enroll in the Level 2 OR have completed a minimum of 32 Hours of other Young Yoga Masters training.

About the Kids Yoga Mastermind Certificate:

In this Level 2 Training you begin your action plan for teaching yoga to children.

  • Examine effective advertising, networking, and marketing strategies.
  • Consider when and how to volunteer.
  • How to offer alternative classes like Yoga Camps.
  • Create a plan for branching out to provide classes in studios, daycare, school programs, or private classes
    Create a Solid Plan to Bring Yoga to Your Community like these children doing yoga poses at a community centre

    Create a Solid Plan to Bring Yoga to Your Community

Aruna has been a full time yoga teacher since 1998. She has the experience to guide you as you begin teaching new kids yoga classes. In this module you will learn:

  • Self-Directed Open Space Learning:  In this Mastermind group, you will get clear on your next steps. During the Open Space Learning you will work with others who share similar goals for their kids yoga teaching to break down your goals into achievable actions to move you forward.
  • Design a Curriculum for Your Yoga Program:  you’ll look at the principles of designing an effective curriculum for the places you want to teach.  Whether its a series for a softball team, bringing yoga into your classroom, childcare centre, or therapy office, or teaching in a studio, you’ll have time to work on your personal project and get feedback from your lead trainer and other participants.
  • Authentic and Ethical Business Practices: Best Practices for building your yoga class, advertising, and keeping in contact with your students that build a community of like minded individuals who are happy to refer new people to you. You’ll have time to start or update your business plan so you are ready to go out and bring yoga and mindfulness to children.
  • Kids Yoga Camps:  Slow times, like school holiday time, can become opportunities by offering Yoga Camps.  Those interested will look at sample camp schedules and pricing.
  • How to Price Your Services: We’ll hold the space for you to explore the market rate for yoga in your area, how much to charge. Then you’ll consider what your ideal schedule looks like and what it would take for you to be become a part-time or full time yoga teacher.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising: Test yourself like the pros do, to learn to create enticing advertisements based on results not hunches.
  • Networking and Advertising: What works and what is a waste of money.
  • 5 Essentially Free On-line Resources: That can help you build your Yoga Classes, network, advertise, and keep in touch.
  • Create an Action Plan for You Next Yoga Sessions:  You’ll have time to work on your personal action plan to fulfill your teaching goals then get and give feedback on your plan with others who share similar goals.


Course Includes:

16 Hour Certificate Mastermind Curriculum Design and Business Planning Kids Yoga Teacher Training

  • Curriculum Design and Business Planning for Kids Yoga Teachers Manual: Filled with tools to start your personal action plan to teach yoga to children.
  • Action Plans and Checklist: For planning new classes, networking and advertising.
  • Sample Lesson Plans: For Kids Yoga Camps.
  • Optional One Hour Follow-Up Phone Call:  You can connect with Aruna after the training to check-in and ask questions about your progress implementing these tools and resources after the Certificate is completed by emailing Aruna to schedule your follow-up call.

*Note:  To attend the Level 2 program you must have permission OR have taken at least 32 Hours of Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training.


Who This Training is For:

  • Those who have completed 32+ hours of the Young Yoga Masters training or who have obtained permission from the trainer (email: aruna @ YoungYogaMasters.com about getting an exception to the prerequisite).
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Meet Your Instructor – Aruna Kathy Humphrys – The Founder of Young Yoga Masters

Aruna is an internationally recognized expert in teaching kids yoga and a sought after speaker and trainer around the world and locally in Ontario, Canada.  She is the author of the online kids yoga teacher training programs  The Frog Yoga Alphabet Games and Manual, Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Games for Stress Reduction, founder of Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training and co-founder of Ambassador Yoga 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training.  Aruna is read by thousands of new and experienced yoga teachers through the Young Yoga Masters blog.

Aruna has been teaching kids yoga for 20 years including one local Montessori School where she has been teaching since 2000. She has taught adult/child yoga and children’s yoga at a community center for 12 years.  She led weekly after school classes in the pre-school, kinder, junior, and senior school age rooms at a daycare for 10 years.  Aruna has also taught family yoga, kids camps, and children’s yoga class at a variety of yoga studios, schools, and yoga conferences in Canada and the United States.

“I have earned back more than the tuition!”

After taking only one of the modules, I felt confident enough to approach schools to start teaching. I was teaching children after only one weekend of training. Eight months later, by my last module of training, I have taught over 150 kids yoga classes in daycare centers and have been paid for my teaching. I have already earned back more the tuition for the Certification.

– Z.J. Young Yoga Masters Graduate


See Upcoming Dates and Registration Fees register for kids yoga teacher training

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