dMeet the Trainers at Young Yoga Masters

Meet the trainers who are so very excited to mentor and guide you through your Kids Yoga Teacher Training:

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

"<yoastmarkFirstly, Aruna is the proud Founder, Director, and Lead Trainer of Young Yoga Masters. Furthermore, she has developed a program to help experienced Yoga Teachers offer a 200 Hour Teacher Training because she dreams of a day when kids yoga will lead to teens getting their first yoga teacher training!  This program is called Ambassador Yoga.

After a first career in social work, Aruna took her first yoga teacher training in 1998 and has been teaching full-time yoga teacher since 2000. She has taught thousands of classes including kids yoga, family yoga, yoga camps, mom’s and tots yoga, and even taught yoga at one Montessori School for 18 years!

Aruna is the author of The Frog Yoga Alphabet Kids Yoga Teacher Training Double Pack and Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Teacher Training Manual, and the award-winning Young Yoga Masters blog (the world’s first blog covering kids yoga exclusively). Aruna has over 200 testimonials from happy adult clients for her Kids Yoga Teacher Training, a Registered Children’s Yoga School.

Once upon a time Aruna lived in an Ashram for six years. She is an experienced 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Now she lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and outside of yoga she enjoys singing, ukulele playing, nature, and technology.

Read more about Aruna’s Personal Story here.

Here’s Aruna using the Frog Yoga Colouring Pages for Halloween:


Marcia LeBlanc

Marcia with her son are dressed as superheroes to put the Super Hero into Kids Yoga.

Super Heroes Marcia and son putting the Hero into Kids Yoga.

Marcia is the Founder and Director of Yogi Frogz Kids and co-founder of Super Hero Kids Yoga. She teaches kids yoga throughout Toronto and Oakville.  Most noteworthy are her kids yoga, family yoga, yoga camps.  Marcia is developing an international family yoga retreat too!

Marcia brings warmth and compassion to her classes.  She leads by example with a smile and mindful listening.

Marcia has graduated from:

  • 200 Hour Moksha Yoga Teacher Training
  • 95 Hour Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • Mindfulness Training in England
  • 200 Hour IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Marcia is an Associate Trainer in the Young Yoga Masters Training in Toronto.


a yoga teacher dressed as a superhero leads a yoga class for children to save the world!

Young Yoga Masters grad Marcia LeBlanc (and Cheryl Adams not pictured) teach a Superhero Kids Yoga class at the Yoga Show in Toronto



Charlotte Connick Mabry

Charlotte Mabry - Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingCharlotte is a Young Yoga Masters trainer in New Orleans.  Here’s her story:

My personal practice of yoga began at the age of 50 after retiring as a Professor from the LSU Dental School.

As I practiced yoga I realized I was on a committed journey of continual learning of my body, mind, and spirit. After completing Soul School, I received a specialty certification in children’s yoga from Aruna Humphrys, Young Yoga Masters.

Yoga provides tools to travel into the center of ourselves, discovering “the authentic self” / soul; Bhakti. If I could have only learned these lessons as a child!

I am impassioned to teach little yogis to learn how to use these tools. Yoga can heal and prevent those wounds found in childhood. My greatest gift as a teacher is helping children discover their “self-knowing within”, trusting and speaking it.

I teach “You are important”, “Let me see your eyes, I am listening to you”!

The miracle is watching them light up with delight when believing in who they are. Namaste!


Upcoming Dates

Toronto Weekend Certifications: Spring 2019

Location: Dovercourt House, Toronto Canada

Summer Certification 2019

Location: Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario, Canada

  • July 16-17, 2019 Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, and Chakras for Children (16 Hour Certificate)

Toronto Weekend Certifications

Fall 2019-Spring 2020

Location: Dovercourt House, Toronto Canada

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