Meet the Trainers at Young Yoga Masters

Meet the trainers who are so very excited to mentor and guide you through your Kids Yoga Teacher Training:

Lead Trainer: Aruna Kathy Humphrys

"<yoastmarkAruna is the proud Founder, Director, and Lead Trainer of Young Yoga Masters. She has also developed a program to help experienced Yoga Teachers offer a 200 Hour Teacher Training because she dreams of a day when kids yoga will lead to teens getting their first yoga teacher training!  This program is called Ambassador Yoga.

After leaving a career in social work, Aruna took her first yoga teacher training in 1998 and has been teaching full-time yoga teacher since 2000. She has taught thousands of classes including kids yoga, family yoga, yoga camps, mom’s and tots yoga, and taught yoga at one Montessori School for 18 years!

Aruna is the author of The Frog Yoga Alphabet Kids Yoga Teacher Training Double Pack and Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Teacher Training Manual, and the award-winning Young Yoga Masters blog (the world’s first blog covering kids yoga exclusively). Aruna has over 200 testimonials from happy adult clients for her Kids Yoga Teacher Training, a Registered Children’s Yoga School.

Once upon a time, Aruna lived in an Ashram for six years. She is an experienced 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500).  She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and outside of yoga she enjoys singing, ukulele playing, nature, and technology.

Read more about Aruna’s Personal Story here.

Here’s Aruna using the Frog Yoga Colouring Pages for Halloween:


Trainer: Marcia LeBlanc

Marcia with her son are dressed as superheroes to put the Super Hero into Kids Yoga.

Super Heroes Marcia and son putting the Hero into Kids Yoga.

Marcia is the Founder and Director of Yogi Frogz Kids, Let It Shine Yoga where she hosts family yoga retreats and co-founder of Super Hero Kids Yoga.

She teaches kids yoga throughout Toronto and Oakville.  Most noteworthy are her kids yoga, family yoga, yoga camps.  Marcia is developing an international family yoga retreat too!

Marcia brings warmth and compassion to her classes.  She leads by example with a smile and mindful listening.

Marcia has graduated from:

  • 220 Hour IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (2018)
  • Week long Youth Mindfulness Kids Program Training in England (2017)
  • 95 Hour Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training (2015)
  • 500 Hour Moksha Yoga (Modo Yoga) Teacher Training (2011)



a yoga teacher dressed as a superhero leads a yoga class for children to save the world!

Young Yoga Masters grad Marcia LeBlanc (and Cheryl Adams not pictured) teach a Superhero Kids Yoga class at the Yoga Show in Toronto

Trainer: Yasuko Tanaka

Yoga for children with special needs guest speaker is Yasuko Tanaka

Yasuko specializes in teaching children and adults on the autism spectrum in the Japanese Community

Yasuko is the Executive Director and lead therapist at Zanshin Kids Inc.

Zanshin Kids programs are designed to help children with autism or other developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.  Various therapies and programs are delivered by qualified therapists with each program customized based on the child’s needs.  Our therapists work one-on-one with the child or in a small group, with the goal of increasing the child’s development trajectory or rate of learning. Zanshin Kids operates out of North Toronto Early Learning Centre in mid-town Toronto.

Yasuko is a Social Play Specialist. She helps children and adults develop social skills incorporating play, yoga, and meditation.  She is a graduate of the 95 Hour Young Yoga Masters program.

Yasuko will be a special guest speaker in the Inclusive Yoga Module and will share her favorite yoga activities and strategies.  Yasuko is on a mission to make sure that every teacher remembers that all children want to be part of the fun, and there is always a way to include everyone!

Trainer: Raven McRorie

Raven Yoga Trainer Inclusive Yoga

Raven McRorie teaches in the Inclusive Yoga Module

Raven McRorie graduated from the University of Toronto with an undergraduate honour’s degree majoring in Equity Studies and Caribbean Studies, with a minor in African Studies. She received her B.Ed. at York University and her M. Ed at Oise in Curriculum Teaching and Learning. Raven has held an Early Childhood Education diploma for over 25 years and is a certified yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over ten years.

When she is not teaching in the school system she supports students after school, tutoring mindful educational programs. Raven’s passion for yoga, is seen in her classes for beginners, men, women restorative, and seniors chair yoga sessions.

In 2019 Raven received her certification at Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga and is eager to bring her craft to little ones and youths everywhere. She believes in the power of collaboration and works with individuals and groups that are like-minded in their vision of Health, Wellness, and Education. As a lifelong learner Raven has plans of getting her Ph.D. and becoming a Yoga Therapist. Raven is also very passionate about the issues about Social Justice and is very interested in bringing yoga into the prison system where Mental Health, PTSD, and Childhood Trauma are issues not being addressed.

Raven teaches children in classrooms as a school teacher in Toronto.

Raven is a single parent of two amazing, caring young men who continue to make her proud. Her children are her driving force.

Raven is dedicated to being in the service of compassion, love, and understanding with those who want to explore the world of mindfulness, movement, and meditation. By creating safe, supportive, spaces, individuals and communities can come together in a way that is positive, healthy, and beneficial to all. Raven believes that we all deserve to Love and Live Life to the Fullest, with no regrets.

Connect with Raven on Facebook at Raven Yoga.


Trainer: Oline Bridges

Aruna and Oline in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Oline is a Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Trained Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), and has completed both the Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Specialties (RPYT).

Sharing her love of martial arts, music, and singing bowls, Oline teaches kids yoga classes in schools and studios in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

Aruna and Oline met in 2018 at the Nanaimo Yoga Literacy Training, then Oline traveled across country to Ontario to complete her 95 Hour Certification in Burlingotn, Ontario, taking the Yoga Literacy Training for a second time and deepening her connection with the Yoga Alphabet activities.

Oline will be leading modules of the Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Dawson Creek to share the gifts for children at Yoga at Northern Lights College, Continuing Education.

Trainer: Claire Louise

Claire operates a Yoga Studio in Grimsby Ontario with a highly successful kids and tween yoga program.

Claire operates a Yoga Studio in Grimsby Ontario with a highly successful kids and tween yoga program.

Claire and Aruna met in 2012, when Claire signed up for the very first 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Training offered by Young Yoga Masters. They began carpooling to Toronto and through this connection eventually brought the Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program to life in 2014.

Claire Louise is also co-owner of Yoga Truly Studio in Grimsby, Ontario.  She has an extremely successful children’s, tween, and teen yoga program at her studio and delivers kids yoga classes throughout schools in her region.

Claire is an Experienced Yoga Teacher at the 500 level, Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master and Lead Trainer in the Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

She also teaches: Hatha / Vinyasa / Prenatal / Teen Yoga and Yoga Teacher Trainer


Trainer: Charlotte Connick Mabry (New Orleans, USA)

Charlotte Mabry - Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingCharlotte is a Young Yoga Masters trainer in New Orleans.  Here’s her story:

My personal practice of yoga began at the age of 50 after retiring as a Professor from the LSU Dental School.

As I practiced yoga I realized I was on a committed journey of continual learning of my body, mind, and spirit. After completing Soul School, I received a specialty certification in children’s yoga from Aruna Humphrys, Young Yoga Masters.

Yoga provides tools to travel into the center of ourselves, discovering “the authentic self” / soul; Bhakti. If I could have only learned these lessons as a child!

I am impassioned to teach little yogis to learn how to use these tools. Yoga can heal and prevent those wounds found in childhood. My greatest gift as a teacher is helping children discover their “self-knowing within”, trusting and speaking it.

I teach “You are important”, “Let me see your eyes, I am listening to you”!

The miracle is watching them light up with delight when believing in who they are. Namaste!

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