A Teacher is Like a Forklift

A forklift is used to elevate.

One of my favorite pieces of spiritual advice came from Yogi Bhajan who said, “Be the forklift.” A forklift is a machine found at many warehouses and construction sites used to stack things.  The forks go under the skid and then lift it up to stack it, to elevate it.

That is what a good teacher does, they go to where the student is at, and only then can they elevate them. But if the connection is not made, to meet the student where they are at, then a teacher cannot elevate anyone.  This is especially true with kids yoga.

The Challenge of Teaching Kids – Solved by the Forklift

Some yoga for children ends up going over the head of the children because the teacher did not meet the children where they are at.

On the other hand some kids yoga does a great job of meeting children where they are at, but they stay there playing games all the time, they never go the next step of lifting up.

It is a gift to be a teacher who uses their happiness, knowledge, and power to uplift others.  There is no greater honour in life than to help others feel better, to help others feel happier, and to help others recognize the power within themselves. That is why a great teacher is like a forklift.

Mission:  Be the Forklift and Elevate Every Kid

That is the goal of Young Yoga Masters, to be the forklift, by bringing not only fun yoga to children, but also elevating them with real yoga. We’re called Young Yoga Masters with the tag line of REAL YOGA – REAL FUN – TEACHER TRAINING because I want to share the ways to have fun with kids but also to uplift them, with tools for self-mastery, like the forklift.

When you sign up for the Young Yoga Masters Blog you’ll get tools, ideas and inspiration that help you be the forklift for the kids you teach.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training 2009

Real Yoga, Real Fun, Real Tools to Last a Lifetime

By offering real yoga that is real fun and uplifting, kids get tools to last a lifetime.  As kids become older they’re not going to sit down and pretend they are a snake.  But by learning the true power of yoga, they will know what to do when their shoulder is sore from working on their computer or they are worried about an exam.  Real yoga takes you beyond pretending to be animals, it helps kids handle stress and stay healthy, and realize they have power to change their lives using the yoga skills they possess.

Stay Connected with a Kids Yoga Community

I also want Young Yoga Masters to be there for teachers long after our teacher training is finished.  Yoga is a lifestyle and people need to connect not only when they are in a training, but when they’re in the classroom too. Young Yoga Masters offers free kids yoga articles on our blog and also Teacher Training in person and downloads.

If you have a passion for helping kids be happy and healthy,become part of the Young Yoga Masters community and make a difference in the lives of children.  Sign up for free ideas and inspiration from Young Yoga Masters here.

I look forward to sharing the journey of teaching kids yoga with you to spread health and happiness to children, and to elevate all, big and small.

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