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Toronto Weekend Certifications: 2018-2019

Location: Dovercourt House, Toronto Canada

  • Sat. - Sun. Oct. 26-27, 2019 - Family Yoga (4 Hours), Teaching Yoga to Kids (School Age) (8 Hours), Chakras for Children (4 Hours)

New Orleans, LA, USA 2018

Location: Wild Lotus Yoga

  • Sunday Nov. 11, 2018: New Orleans! Chakras for Children (4 Hour Certificate) Wild Lotus Yoga, New Orleans, USA 1 - 5 pm Registration for New Orleans Now Open Here
  • Summer Intensive Certification July 14-26, 2019

    Location: Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario, Canada

    • July 16-17, 2019 Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, and Chakras for Children (16 Hour Certificate)

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    Social Emotional Learning and Teaching Chakras to Children as Emotional Anatomy

    Emotional Learning Workshop at National Kids Yoga Conference

    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has established itself as an important paradigm in all educational fields and I’m happy to report that it is an important part of Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training. We integrate the ideas of SEL into all Certificates but it’s a core part of the Chakras for Children module coming up Oct. 20-21.

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    4 Keys to Teaching Literacy and Language with the Yoga Alphabet

    Yog Literacy graphic Young Yoga Masters

    When I introduce the Frog Yoga Alphabet resources to participants Yoga Literacy Certificate of the kids yoga teacher training, I emphasize that the alphabet letters make words, words make sentences and sentences make stories. It’s good thing to remember because it reveals the importance of letter learning but also reminds us that the yoga alphabet can be used in so many more ways than just learning letters. Since the Yoga Literacy Certificate is coming up this weekend, I decided to look

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    On Consciously Creating Your Future vs. Going with the Flow

    On Consciously Creating Your Future vs. Going with the Flow

    One of my favourite things about the New Year is getting a new planner. I’ve ordered many different workbooks over the years to guide me through my goal setting. I love when they arrive in the mail and I can explore all the boxes to fill out. The ritual of looking back on the past years and reviewing my accomplishments and the hard lessons learned is my way of honouring the past year. I feel like I can truly let

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    3 Olympic Themed Kids Yoga Ideas

    3 Olympic Themed Kids Yoga Ideas

    Try these innovative ideas for Olympic Themed Lesson Plans for your kids yoga classes.

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    Give Your Creativity Free Reign

    Give yoru creativity free reign as a kids yoga teacher

    On setting your own path, feeling excited about your life, your business, and your direction. Take an inside look at my New Year vision boards and the visioning steps to add a little magic to your planning.

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