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Mindfulness is a practice for all ages!  The Mindfulness for Children Module is a Kids Yoga Teacher Training that provides you with tools, research and practical activities to introduce Mindfulness to the children in your life.  Upon completion of this training you will receive a 16 Hour Certificate in Mindfulness for Children.

About The Mindfulness for Children Certificate:

In this 16 Hour Training you will learn:

  • What is Mindfulness:  Learn the various ways Mindfulness can be practiced to calm both teachers and students and help them get ready to learn. Get effective tools including the Meditations for Growing Minds Album and Activities to support you in introducing Mindfulness to Children.


  • Research on Why Mindfulness is so Popular: Discover how Mindfulness works on the brain and body and the research and evidence that support the practice of Mindfulness.


  • Mindful Breathing Tools: Explore breathing tools that kids can practice anytime, anywhere, to help calm the brain, and learn why they work.


  • Mindful Movement, Mindful Living: Utilize Mindfulness in everyday activities that don’t a lot of take extra time, such as walking, stretching, or getting a drink of water.  Learn to turn typically “boring” times like waiting or doing chores into opportunities to gain clarity and balance.


  • Social and Emotional Learning through Games: Practice kid-friendly games and activities that promote Social and Emotional Learning and enhance relationships and communities.

Children practices mindfulenss activities, breathing, movement and relaxation at the Mindfulness for children Certificate training in Toronto

Course Includes:

  • Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training Manual: Filled with all the tools, activity pages, research, and games to bring Mindfulness to children.
  • Meditations for Growing Minds Album and Activity Pages: The tremendously popular Meditations for Growing Minds resources from New Age Teacher™ are included in your registration.
  • Games and Activities: For Mindful Activities, stretching, breathing, calming and focusing. You’ll fill your toolkit and nourish your spirit by examining Mindfulness through the eyes of a child.
  • Take Home the Balancing Eagle:  with ideas to use the Balancing Eagle in yoga poses, stretching, and on the desk.  Included in you registration for the Mindfulness for Children Certificate!
The Balancing Eagle toy can balance on a finger, other body parts or the stand that comes with it. It is Included in Your Registration for the Mindfulness for children kids yoga teacher training

The Balancing Eagle with Teaching Ideas is Included in Your Registration

A Magical Experience!

Attending Young Yoga Masters Children’s Teacher Training provided me with so many resources, exercises, music, games and more.  The manuals are so professional.  I got to participate in yoga classes with children and taught meaningful lessons and fun yoga poses. It was a magical experience for them and me.   We learned exactly how to create a safe space for children and have a lot of FUN!  I gained so much experience, it built my confidence as a teacher. The cherry on top was that the training counted towards Yoga Alliance certification.
I recommend you sign up and come to Young Yoga Masters Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. You won’t’ be disappointed!
– Charlotte Connick Mabry, Registered Yoga Teacher, Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher. Retired Professor
Charlotte Mabry - Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Who This Training is For:

  • Adult Yoga Teachers looking for Kids Yoga Teaching materials, resources and certification
  • Beginning Kids Yoga Teachers looking for guidance and practical experience teaching kids
  • Established Kids Yoga Teachers looking to get Certified with Yoga Alliance
  • School teachers looking to add Yoga or Literacy sessions to their classrooms and curriculum
  • Day Care instructors looking to add Kids Yoga to their daily or weekly programs
  • Parents looking for fun, educational Yoga ideas for their kids
  • Plus, anyone else who works with children and wants to empower them with yoga


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Meet Your Instructor – Aruna Kathy Humphrys – The Founder of Young Yoga Masters

Aruna is an internationally recognized expert in teaching kids yoga and a sought after speaker and trainer around the world and locally in Ontario, Canada.  She is the author of the online kids yoga teacher training programs  The Frog Yoga Alphabet Games and Manual, Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Games for Stress Reduction, founder of Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training and co-founder of Ambassador Yoga 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training.  Aruna is read by thousands of new and experienced yoga teachers through the Young Yoga Masters blog.

Aruna has been teaching kids yoga for 20 years including one local Montessori School where she has been teaching since 2000. She has taught adult/child yoga and children’s yoga at a community center for 12 years.  She led weekly after school classes in the pre-school, kinder, junior, and senior school age rooms at a daycare for 10 years.  Aruna has also taught family yoga, kids camps, and children’s yoga class at a variety of yoga studios, schools, and yoga conferences in Canada and the United States.

“I have earned back more than the tuition!”

After taking only one of the modules, I felt confident enough to approach schools to start teaching. I was teaching children after only one weekend of training. Eight months later, by my last module of training, I have taught over 150 kids yoga classes in daycare centers and have been paid for my teaching. I have already earned back more the tuition for the Certification.

– Z.J. Young Yoga Masters Graduate


See Upcoming Dates and Registration Fees register for kids yoga teacher training

Registration is now open for the next Mindfulness for Children Module.  Register today and see why Mindfulness is a favourite tool of teachers and parents.

Upcoming Dates

Toronto Weekend Certifications: 2018-2019

Location: Dovercourt House, Toronto Canada

  • Sat. - Sun. Oct. 26-27, 2019 - Family Yoga (4 Hours), Teaching Yoga to Kids (School Age) (8 Hours), Chakras for Children (4 Hours)

12 Day Summer Intensive Certification July 14-26, 2019

Location: Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario, Canada

  • July 16-17, 2019 Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, and Chakras for Children (16 Hour Certificate)

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