Young Yoga Masters Guide to Children's Yoga Teacher Training Help for new teachers to better understand the different levels of Certification so you can make an informed decision when choosing a training.Your Guide on the Path to Teaching Yoga to Children

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Navigating your way to becoming a Kids Yoga Teacher can be confusing.  Young Yoga Masters’ offers you this Guide to the different types and levels of Certification so you can make an informed decision when choosing a training.  With 20 years experience teaching yoga, Young Yoga Masters has extensively researched the range of qualifications you can achieve.

The guide can help you choose the right training for your teaching goals and help you avoid starting from the beginning should you eventually want to get the highest level of qualifications.

Young Yoga Masters also offers a range of training options from downloadable manuals, in-person training as a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and also helping you become a Teacher Trainer when you qualify.

Our mission is to mentor new teachers with high quality, effective, and professional training and support at all stages on the path of teaching yoga to children.

Guide to the Types of Children’s Yoga Training and Certification Levels:

Here is the Young Yoga Masters’ Guide to understanding the various levels of Children’s Yoga Teacher Training and our recommendations for who should pursue each level.

Kids Yoga Aplphabet Frog Yoga

Frog Yoga Alphabet Manual

Type: Non-Contact Training

Non-contact training happens when you get manuals, online resources, videos, online courses, or books to learn about kids yoga on your own. (According to Yoga Alliance, Contact Hours must be in the physical presence of your trainer).

Recommendations: We recommend non-contact training to those already teaching children looking for ideas and resources they can implement on their own. This training is also helpful if you are dipping your toe in the pool of kids’ yoga to see if you like teaching children.  It’s also good for those who don’t have in-person training near them.

We don’t recommend investing too much in non-contact training if you want to eventually get full certification (see Did you know?” to find out why).

Young Yoga Masters offers two non-contact training resources:  The Frog Yoga Alphabet and Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Sun Salutation (details at this link).

Did you know? Yoga Alliance allows a maximum of 8 NON-contact hours to count in a 95 Hour training for the specialty of children’s yoga.  A Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) may offer between 0 – 8 hours of non-contact training, the other 87 – 95 hours must be contact hours (in the physical presence of the trainer.)  Young Yoga Masters does not utilize non-contact hours in their syllabus for the 95 Hour Training (see details about why under 95 Hour below).

Type: In-Person Kids Yoga Training and Certificates (Contact Hours)

With in-person training you get a more thorough training which may include training in teaching methodology, techniques practice, anatomy for children, philosophy, and practicum (practice teaching with actual children).  If you are considering an in-person training, we recommend you ask about these components we just listed, especially practicum time with children if you do not have experience working with kids.  In-person training also provides more personal attention, question and answer time, and learning from an experienced trainer as well as other participants.

The Young Yoga Masters In-Person training modules earn you a Certificate for the number of training hours you complete. Teaching yoga, whether to adults or kids, is not a government regulated vocation. This means you can put your training to use right away, even after one course.

When it comes to teaching kids yoga we recommend teachers begin teaching as soon as they feel ready. Teaching kids is different than teaching adults. Kids don’t always do what you want them to, in the way you think they are going to! Young Yoga Masters supports our teachers by providing classroom management skills throughout the full 95 Hour Training. The sooner you begin teaching kids, the earlier you can apply the tips and skills provided.

For each 16 Hours of Young Yoga Masters Training, three hours are practicum, where you get experience teaching actual children.

Modules can be taken in any order, except the Level 2 Module. You get plenty of ideas, resources and practical experience to start teaching right away (details of the Modules are below).  Each Young Yoga Masters Module also counts towards your 95 Hour Certificate, should you decide to pursue it.

Recommendations: Contact Hours of Training are recommended for those who are more sure they want to work with Children and want to get hours with an experienced trainer to get more personal attention.  If you are looking at different in-person teacher training courses, ask them if you get any practicum hours so you get to see what it is like to teach with children present.

Did you know?  Yoga Alliance does not allow you to combine certificates from different training schools to reach 95 Hours of training. All hours must be with the same school to ensure all categories of training have been fulfilled.  See our FAQ page for more details.

family yoga, families doing a rowing arms pose that can be used in an Olympic themed lesson plan

A Family Yoga Class during the practicum at the in-person kids yoga teacher training.

Type: 95 Hour Yoga Alliance Specialty in Children’s Yoga

The Yoga Alliance standard for yoga teachers to teach the specialty of children’s yoga is the completion of 95 Hours of Training with a Registered Children’s Yoga School.  Each in-person Module of the Young Yoga Masters training counts towards your 95 Hour Training. When you complete all Modules, you receive your 95 Hour Certificate.

Recommendations:  The 95 Hours of Children’s Yoga Training is recommended for those who see themselves specializing in teaching children (and not teaching adults) and who have a good foundation in their personal yoga practice, even though they may not be yoga teachers.

Did you know?  Young Yoga Masters training has evolved over 12 years to offer you the full Yoga Alliance requirements in our in-person training without giving you homework.  Since only 8 non-contact hours are allowed, this means if you miss part of a training due to unforeseen circumstances, you can be assigned homework to make it up and you don’t have to repeat the module.


Type: 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Adult Yoga Teacher Training

Adult Yoga teacher training is a special time for personal growth and to learn much more about the mechanics of teaching yoga poses, lesson planning, and yoga philosophy.  You can get this 200 Hour Adult training through our Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training or another 200 Hour Registered Yoga School.

Recommendations:  Adult Yoga Teacher Training is recommended if you plan to teach yoga to teens or to build a career as a kids yoga teacher.  This will meet they Yoga Industry standards which will looks best on your bio and resume.  Many believe it is just a matter of time before yoga becomes regulated by the government so you don’t want your business affected by not meeting the industry standards.  Not only does it give you the foundation you need for a professional business, it also allows you to move to the next level of becoming a trainer once you have some years of experience behind you.

Did you know? To become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance you need both a 200 Hour Adult Yoga Teacher Training and a 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance Registered Schools (the 200 HR and 95 HR may be completed with different schools).

Different levels of certification and training for kids yoga teachers

To register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, you need both a 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Training and a 200 Hour Adult Yoga Training.

Type: Becoming a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Experienced Yoga Teachers can continue to grow their business and skills by becoming a Yoga Teacher Trainer, leading workshops and training new teachers to teach yoga.  We offer a Train-the-Trainer Program through Ambassador Yoga where you can use our manuals and lesson plans to become a Trainer and run your own profitable 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course (details at this link).

Recommendations: This level is recommended for experienced yoga teachers who are ready for the next level of teaching by becoming a Teacher Trainer.

Did you know?  Many Master Yogis say the yoga teacher’s job is not to gather students but to build the next generation of teachers.  This is a principle we hold dear at Young Yoga Masters.  We encourage and support our graduates to become ten times more powerful than us because we see your success as the future of yoga!

No matter which Level of Certification you are looking for, we hope you choose Young Yoga Masters to mentor and support you on your path.  We’d love to see you grow your yoga teaching skills with us, whether you’re looking for a few activities to get started in your classroom or living room, or have bigger dreams of a part-time, full-time, or next career teaching Yoga to kids.

If you still have questions about the various levels of certification you can email us at: [email protected] or leave a comment on our Facebook Page:


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