Free Webinar: How to Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

HOw to become a kids yoga teacher free webinar details here.

It’s mid-winter in my town and we’ve been hit with a lot of snow and cold weather, freezing up a few things like my windshield wipers and my time. Has your time felt like its frozen too? I’ve also been answering questions about the Kids Yoga Teacher Summer Certification so I thought it would help to schedule a free webinar on Thursday to go over these questions and any others you may have. This free live webinar will cover: How

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Getting Clear on Your Kids Yoga Niche

a group sits in a circle in yoga class making a wheel with their legs and arms pointing inwards and exploring the Chakras as wheels of energy through group yoga poses.

Life is known for its surprises and December was no exception. That month I treated myself to the Kundalini Yoga Winter Solstice Sadhana in Florida for lots of yoga, meditation, and healthy eating before the cookie trays and gravy boats of Christmas. Florida started with lots of sunshine and good yoga then turned into a tornado zone.  Mid way through the week I abandoned my flooded tent for a cozy warm hotel room, hot bath, movies on TV,  and take-out

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The Harsh Truth of Running Your Own Yoga Business

yoga teacher Aruna in the hospital and thinking about how to plan for emergencies in her yoga business

Everyone knows unplanned time away due to medical emergencies or family responsibilities is difficult, but for the self-employed, it shines a light on the harsh realities of running your own business.

In this update you’ll understand some of the things you need to think about as a self-employed person, especially for yoga teachers, and avoid the mistakes I made this summer when I spent much of the month of August in hospitals:

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