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The Word I DON’T Say In Kids Yoga, Do You?

A couple years ago I wrote about how I accidentally swore in a Kids Yoga Class.   In my defense, it wasn’t a swear word when I was a kid! But this post about Yoga Music got me thinking about another word that has become TABOO in many kids yoga classes. The word? The word is:  G O D You see, if this word is in a song, I don’t play the song in my kids yoga classes. This word just

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Character Development: Fairness

( In my city, Toronto (Canada), school teachers guide kids on themes of   Character Development. I went to the Yoga In My School specialist, Donna Freeman, for some yogic insight bout them. Thank you to Donna for this monthly series.) Fairness and Balance in Yoga by Donna Freeman Fairness refers to justice, equality and the absence of bias. Children seem to intrinsically know what is fair and what isn’t.  There is even a series of advertisements which underline

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Kids are Eating a Wheelbarrow full of Sugar….

I just can’t resist passing on this TED talk with chef Jamie Oliver.  He became an inspiration for me after he did the TV series on changing the food served in school cafeterias (watch to around the 10 minute mark for Oliver’s rant on this topic). But one of the most jaw dropping part comes around the 11:30 mark where kids try to identify common vegetables – and get most of them wrong. And the wheelbarrow full of sugar is

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Chocolate Covered Swiss Chard – An Important Classroom Yoga Tip

A Valentine’s Yoga Mismatch Mmmmmm,  Chocolate!  Oh so euphoric, bittersweet goodness that melts on the tongue. Swiss Chard, my tender green friend.  Proudly named the Valedictorian of Vegetables. Valentine’s Day is the time of Romance and sometimes surprising coupling.  Let’s follow up on my last post about the Romance between the head and the heart and the coming together of the Olympics and Valentine’s Day with this lesson learned in my three classes last Friday: Like Chocolate and Swiss Chard,

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Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentine’s Day

Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentines Day

A Gold Medal Week for Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Themes Those who work with kids know it can be a challenge coming up with themes for kids yoga classes.  Often we turn to current events for ideas and this week we’ve hit the jackpot! Not only are the Olympics happening, but it is Valentine’s Day too. The Olympics are pretty easy to connect with yoga poses.  You can ask the kids about their favorite Olympic sports and how yoga could

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