Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentine’s Day

Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentines Day

A Gold Medal Week for Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Themes Those who work with kids know it can be a challenge coming up with themes for kids yoga classes.  Often we turn to current events for ideas and this week we’ve hit the jackpot! Not only are the Olympics happening, but it is Valentine’s Day too. The Olympics are pretty easy to connect with yoga poses.  You can ask the kids about their favorite Olympic sports and how yoga could

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One World One Dream – Olympic Yoga

One World One Dream

The Spirit of the Games While yoga is not (yet) an Olympic sport, there are ways to tap into the excitement of the Olympics to enhance your kids yoga classes. Many kids love the Olympics. They are really special because they only come around every four years. This morning in my pre-school yoga class (3-5 year olds) at a daycare, five out of eight kids said they were watching the Olympics on TV. Earlier in the summer, my nephew asked to

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