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How to Meet the Needs of Kids in Yoga

put the requirements of the particpants before the requirements of the activity in kids yoga

In kids yoga, how do we put the needs of the participant ahead of the needs of the activity? This is one of the methods of an effective kids yoga teacher.

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3 Quick Attention-Getters

a boy smiling after doing a downward dog tunner

It’s handy to have a few quick attention-getters for those moments when your yoga class is getting excited, maybe even too excited. I have used many different tricks over the years, I like to change it up to keep it interesting for the kids and myself. So here are 3 of my current favorites. Please share your favorite attention grabber, and for any bloggers reading, share your favorite blog post about getting attention. What do you do to help kids

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Beyond Bones: Kids Yoga Poses and Philosophy From a Skeleton

a boy doing yoga on a pumpkin orange yoga mat

A Skeleton gets kids attention, but the big reason I use a Skeleton in child or adult yoga is to remind me of my beloved teacher and why not to fear death.

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3 Creative Yoga Ideas for a Classic Story

Kids Yoga teacher training and kids yoga classes in Toronto Ontario Canada

A fundamental skill for a Kids Yoga teacher is the ability to come up with creative lesson plans that keep children interested.  A simple method from Young Yoga Master’s Kids Yoga Teacher Training is using stories that children already love and adding yoga to them. One such story was created by Claire Matthews, a recent Kids Yoga Teacher Graduate. Claire is already teaching in schools during a lunchtime yoga program that is so full it has to turn kids away. 

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How to Elevate Children as a Kids Yoga Teacher

One of my favorite pieces of spiritual advice came from Yogi Bhajan who said, “Be the forklift.” These three words can help solve some of the challenges of teaching kids yoga. Here is an example of a children’s yoga class plan that puts this advice to good use.

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