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The Dangers of Kids Yoga at Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday, especially for kids, but it can also be a dangerous time in ways you may not expect. Here are a few timely words of wisdom from an experienced yoga teacher to make your Halloween Yoga a little more safe. 3 Dangers of Doing Kids Yoga at Halloween   Kids Doing Yoga in Costumes: all the big frilly princess skirts, the pitchforks and the plastic pumpkins can be a real obstacle to yoga poses. Stretch carefully

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3 Hard-to-Teach Kids Yoga Poses

Find out what doesn’t work BEFORE you are with the kids. These three poses require more time and energy to teach to kids. Knowing which poses they are can enhance your kids yoga classes.

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5 Potential Life Saving Summer Safety Tips That Should Not be Ignored

Yesterday I was saddened by some tragic news at the daycare where I teach yoga.  They were grieving three recent deaths in the community. These occurred in two separate incidents outside of the daycare – but all involved drowning. A three year old boy drowned at home when he wandered off and fell in the pool.  He was a student at the daycare. The shock and sadness still lingers in his classroom. The other involved the uncle and cousin of

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3 Simple Health Tips for Kids Yoga Teachers

Recently I’ve been feeling the excitement, perhaps the over-excitement, of life.  With so many things on the go  I got run down and decided to stop everything for awhile to get back to a healthy state.  My Mentor, Tulshi Sen, always said that when things get overwhelming it’s time to stop everything and re-connect with your hearts desire. These wise words have guided me through some intense times although when I first heard them I didn’t believe I could stop

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Shocking Facts of First Aid

  Do You Know First Aid? Yesterday I finished my First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training so I feel like shocking everyone – because now I can handle it.   The course was taught by Jim Beck of EMS and he did a great job of keeping the information relevant and fresh. That’s him in the picture saving a baby. He’s so good at it, that’s why he looks so calm. Actually, these are the practice babies we

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