Halloween is a favorite holiday, especially for kids, but it can also be a dangerous time in ways you may not expect. Here are a few timely words of wisdom from an experienced yoga teacher to make your Halloween Yoga a little more safe.

3 Dangers of Doing Kids Yoga at Halloween


a yoga teacher is teaching kids on Halloween and all the children are wearing costumes

Look at All These Costumes in Kids Yoga Class!

  1. Kids Doing Yoga in Costumes: all the big frilly princess skirts, the pitchforks and the plastic pumpkins can be a real obstacle to yoga poses. Stretch carefully on your yoga adventures or someone may lose an eye for real.


  • Over the Top Excitement – Halloween is so much fun, sometimes its too fun.  This means bedtimes get missed, nappers don’t nap, and cranky kids fill the streets with real screaming and complaining. Both parents and kids can be so jacked up on candy they can’t fall asleep which can throw off your routine for days.  If that’s the case you may want to try these bedtime tips here.


  • Barf – In a word, barf. It is a danger I have personally experienced when teaching kids yoga.  It happened after a sugary birthday cake, but Halloween candy can cause the same result.  You could end up with a big puddle of vomit, a real smelly ghost for the rest of your class. Not to mention its a slippery hazard.  I strongly suggest saving the Halloween candy for after the forward bends and inverted poses.  Even better, give out stickers and Halloween Colouring Pages like the ones in these posts and skip the upset stomachs all together.

If you think I should dress up as Scrooge, the cold-hearted complainer, for Halloween, you’ll be happy to know I keep the complaining on my blog and out of Kids Yoga. I really do like Halloween, I just know from experience it has real dangers amidst all the fun.

So keep your scares the pretend variety and have a safe and happy Halloween.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Anita.

    Friday is my yoga day at one school so I had the kids dressed up for three years in a row when Halloween came on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I think the cycle is coming around again next year.

    I like to dress as an Indian Princess for these classes!

    Happy Halloween.

  2. that barf part really made me laugh. I have never let the kids come dressed up for the very reason you mentioned – but I’ve also not taught right on halloween yet. I’ve had some additional fun times on the yoga mat with kids though……always entertaining and never what you thought was going to happen!