It’s handy to have a few quick attention-getters for those moments when your yoga class is getting excited, maybe even too excited.

a boy smiling after doing a downward dog tunner

Attention Getters in Kids Yoga

I have used many different tricks over the years, I like to change it up to keep it interesting for the kids and myself.

So here are 3 of my current favorites.

Please share your favorite attention grabber, and for any bloggers reading, share your favorite blog post about getting attention. What do you do to help kids heads turn and start paying attention?

Attention-Getter #1

Give Me a Hip, Give Me a Lip

This one is as simple as it sounds.  You say “Give me a hip.” and put one hand on your hip. Then say, “Give me a lip.” and put your finger to your mouth like you’re saying ssshhhh.

Now give it some attitude:  Give me a hip, give me a lip.

Oh no you didn’t!  Oh yes you did!  Even tweens like to do this one – especially with attitude.


Attention-Getter #2

The Big Old Alley Cat Looking for Mice

kids do child pose in kids yoga pretending they are a mouse hiding from a cat

Kids Learn Child Pose as part of a simple yoga flow.

For the younger yogis, I play on an activity from a short yoga flow with poses: Cat, Dog, Snake, and Mouse pose.  When we get to Mouse, we’ve got to stay very still because Cat is just around the corner.  This big old alley cat is looking for some lunch.  Stay very still so the cat doesn’t find you!

Then I walk around the room while the kids are in child pose, saying, “Hmmm, its lunchtime, are there any mice around?  I’m gonna find a mouse to have for lunch! Oh well, I guess I’ll go somewhere else to find lunch.”  Then we move onto the cat pose again.

After we’ve done this game in a few classes, I can pretend I’m the alley cat anytime and the kids will quickly go into child pose and quiet down.

Sometimes I don’t have to say anything, I just do my alley cat walk and once the first child sees it, they react, and soon all the kids are doing mouse pose without even a word from me.


Attention-Getter #3

Breathe In the Big Me, Breathe Out the Little Me


a kids yoga teacher points to her nose as she takes a deep breath in and 4 kids follow along doing yoga breathing

Breathe In the Big Me is a Breathing Routine that Helps Kids Pay Attention

My classic yoga attention-getter is a big yoga breath.  I call out, “Breathe in the Big Me” and you fill yourself with air and stretch your arms up to open up, your ribs too.  When you are full of air you feel big and powerful! That’s the big me.

Then it’s time to “Breathe Out the Little Me” and exhale and let your arms float down.  This is when you let go of anything that may be troubling you or making you feel small.  It’s a way to let go of doubt and insecurity.  Let the Little Me go out with each breath.

I use this breath to finish most yoga poses.  I use it so much it may not seem like I’m doing it to get attention, but I know that it’s a routine that kids know and follow, and helps kids keep their focus.

Now Share Your Favorite Attention Getter

Please leave a comment to share your current favorite Attention-Getter.  Do you stick with the same one or do you switch them up?  What do you do to get the attention of your kids at home?

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  1. Kids really tune into sacred sound so I’d play this for them:

  2. Oh my goodness! These are great tricks! I hate to say it, but these would probably work on some adults, too! hehe

    • Hi Naomi, they are fun, I’d like to meet the adults that would be quieted by a big alley cat game! But kids do have a vivid imagination.