A Valentine Day Surprise In Kids Yoga Class

yoga for children on Valentine's Day

Show You Care on Valentine’s Day. Last week I got a nice surprise from one of the kids at the end of yoga class that would be a great surprise for your kids for Valentine’s Day to truly show you care. First, a bit about last week’s surprise, which came on a day that should have been a snow day. 30 centimeters (about 12″) of snow kept falling and falling, making the roads and sidewalks super slippery.  Half the kids

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Chocolate Covered Swiss Chard – An Important Classroom Yoga Tip

A Valentine’s Yoga Mismatch Mmmmmm,  Chocolate!  Oh so euphoric, bittersweet goodness that melts on the tongue. Swiss Chard, my tender green friend.  Proudly named the Valedictorian of Vegetables. Valentine’s Day is the time of Romance and sometimes surprising coupling.  Let’s follow up on my last post about the Romance between the head and the heart and the coming together of the Olympics and Valentine’s Day with this lesson learned in my three classes last Friday: Like Chocolate and Swiss Chard,

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Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentine’s Day

Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentines Day

A Gold Medal Week for Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Themes Those who work with kids know it can be a challenge coming up with themes for kids yoga classes.  Often we turn to current events for ideas and this week we’ve hit the jackpot! Not only are the Olympics happening, but it is Valentine’s Day too. The Olympics are pretty easy to connect with yoga poses.  You can ask the kids about their favorite Olympic sports and how yoga could

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