Olympic Kids Yoga and Valentines Day

A Gold Medal Week

partner yoga is great for kids yoga during the Olympics

for Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Themes

Those who work with kids know it can be a challenge coming up with themes for kids yoga classes.  Often we turn to current events for ideas and this week we’ve hit the jackpot!

Not only are the Olympics happening, but it is Valentine’s Day too.

The Olympics are pretty easy to connect with yoga poses.  You can ask the kids about their favorite Olympic sports and how yoga could help them in that sport.  Don’t forget all the concentration poses like archer below or tree pose.  Work both the physical and the mental muscles.

Summer Olympic Kids Yoga Poses

I’ve posted in the past on the  Summer Olympic Games:

Winter Olympic Kids Yoga Poses

But now it’s time for the Winter Games and a whole new look at the Olympics:

  • Rowing is very similar to the Luge so we could use the two ideas above again,
  • Snowboarders, skiers, and Ski Jumpers need to know about mountains so I include: Mountain Pose, Volcano Pose, and Avalanche Pose and these videos from Janet of Children’s Yoga Books show some great ways to do these poses.

Avalanche Pose – Kids Yoga Winter Olympics


Volcano Pose – Kids Yoga Winter Olympics

  • Partner yoga:  There are team sports at the Olympics, so do some team building activities by making a Podium (see the picture above).  Children make a small pyramid, starting with everyone doing cat/cow pose, then having one child kneel or stand on the base.  If the kids can do it safely you can move onto a larger pyramid.  You could also tie in the ideas of what it takes to get to the podium (see below) and the children in the base represent the head, and the heart and add more characteristics like practice, dedication, and ideas the children come up with to be the foundation for getting to the Olympics).
kids in yoga class climb on each other ot make a pyramid

Discuss the foundation it takes for an Olympian to get to the Olympics.

The Heart and the Head Come Together for Kids Yoga on Valentine’s Day

Now with the Olympics and Valentine’s Day coming together it is a perfect time to talk about the Romance between the Heart and the Head.   How does the head – the logic, the mind, the calculations – come into play for an Olympic athlete training to shave a fraction of a second off their time?

How does the heart – the dream, the dedication, the quest – come into play?  Why don’t those Olympic Athletes quit when it starts getting hard?  How do they stay calm when the big day arrives?

Both the head and the heart are developed by a top athlete and we need to develop them too.  Not only for a healthy body, but for our dreams, our aspirations, and our goals, which make a healthy life.

The heart leads the way to what we care about, whether it’s the kids we  love, in our career, providing for our families, or in our hobbies.  Then the head follows through on the heart’s desire to help us get to our goal.

They make a perfect pair!  We marry both the head and the heart for a perfect Valentine’s Day – or a Perfect 10 in an Olympic Sport.

Aruna Humphrys

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  1. Ok, that should read “the head and the heart” – gotta love typos

  2. I love the connection you make between the head and the head. When I discuss this I refer to it as “passion and focus”. You need both to succeed.

    For more Valentine’s Day yoga ideas visit
    My students loved the combination of breath work, asanas, games & meditation which examined opening the heart.