Learning the Skills of the Future – for Personal Success and More
The skills kids develop through this exercise are more than strenghthening their core abdominal muscles and arms. Learning cooperation and the art of relationship will be a great tool in their future lives in the business world too. It is a great confidence builder when together you get the job done.

In your kids yoga class discuss what it takes to be on the Olympic rowing team. Rowing is done with anywhere from one to eight rowers in the boat. They have to work together to win. A 500m race can take 1:30 minutes and a 2000m race takes 5:30 minutes.

What does it take to work as a team?
What happens if you don’t agree on a team?
How can you work it out while the race is going on?

How long can we work together?
Let’s try it! Practice first single rowing, then doubles, quads and then eight kids together. Why not try it with the whole group!

Time the whole group for 1 and a half minutes and count how many rows they can do in that time. Then do it again and compare results. Let them figure out how to improve their score.

It is sure to be a fun class!


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