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A Challenging Classroom Management Situation – What Would You Do?

That Sweet Child Said What? Imagine a sunny weekday morning at 9:15 am. You’re in a school teaching a thirty minute yoga class to 23 children ages 2 – 6 years old.  You’ve also got two other teachers in the room to assist during the class. About 15 minutes into the class everyone is doing a forward bend when a three and a half year old calls out, “Miss Yoga! Look at Mary, she’s not doing the yoga pose.” It

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Scientific Studies that Support Kids Yoga

These 3 Studies Show how Yoga Improves Stress Management, Spatial Memory, and Body Control in Children

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Spend Time with Your Kids Amidst the Chaos

Up close, in the first picture we see a child resting.  In this picture we see exactly where all this is happening.  This event showed me that we have power over our circumstances.  On our own it’s difficult to lie down and relax amidst the chaos, sometimes completely impossible. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people – suddenly it becomes easier to focus on peace amidst the same chaos.  Add a Teacher to guide us and the next thing you

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Character Development: Fairness

( In my city, Toronto (Canada), school teachers guide kids on themes of   Character Development. I went to the Yoga In My School specialist, Donna Freeman, for some yogic insight bout them. Thank you to Donna for this monthly series.) Fairness and Balance in Yoga by Donna Freeman Fairness refers to justice, equality and the absence of bias. Children seem to intrinsically know what is fair and what isn’t.  There is even a series of advertisements which underline

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