Spend Time with Your Kids Amidst the Chaos

Up close, in the first picture we see a child resting.  In this picture we see exactly where all this is happening.  This event showed me that we have power over our circumstances.  On our own it’s difficult to lie down and relax amidst the chaos, sometimes completely impossible. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people – suddenly it becomes easier to focus on peace amidst the same chaos.  Add a Teacher to guide us and the next thing you

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Classroom Management: Do you ask kids questions like these?

kids yoga camp picture of Aruna and Charlotte

When teachers or parents start getting frustrated with children they often resort to asking questions to get back control of the situation.  The problem is when these questions aren’t really questions but are criticisms disguised as questions. Questions like these don’t help with classroom management and don’t help the child correct their behavior either. For example: A pre-school teacher assisting in yoga class who pulls an overactive 3 year old out of the room, stands over her asking:  “Are you

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5 Benefits of Kids Yoga

Yoga is Playful and Helps Kids in So Many Ways Guest Post by Susan White (Note from Aruna:  This week I’ve been attending to some family matters as well as my yoga classes and Teacher Training so I hope you enjoy this guest post, which may be especially useful for those marketing their kids yoga classes. I’ll be back next week with some new stories and games.) This post is written by Susan White, she welcomes your comments at her

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X Marks the Spot

8 marks the spot

I chant this in yoga class to: – Get kids attention – Help kids stay focused when holding a pose – Have fun! If the class is getting loud, I start to say the poem with one child who is sitting quietly. I draw it on the child’s back (and head – for the egg). Pretty soon all the children will be asking for a turn. I don’t answer them until I am finished the poem, and then I tell

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