Relaxing in Time Square

Last week in New York city, I saw something that taught me a lesson about how I spend my time and who I spend it with.  It happened at Solstice in Times Square, yoga classes right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of  the busiest place in the city.  And when I spotted the young boy in the picture above, relaxing so peacefully, it helped me understand:

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

No, not the Big Apple.  This proverb usually refers to how kids become like their parents. We know parents need to actively spend time with kids to nurture positive habits, knowing their kids are always learning from them.  Maybe it’s introducing something like yoga at home, in a studio, or even in Time Square.  We want to start kids off with the best we can give them.

Lets take this old proverb further:

It Takes an Orchard!

We also know there are many people who influence a child.  The school teachers, daycare teachers, relatives, and friends who become part of their lives.  And its a good thing for everyone that parents don’t have to do it alone.  We’re the orchard for our little apples to grow in.

The Big Picture in Time Square

Up close, in the first picture we see a child resting.  In this picture we see exactly where all this is happening.  This event showed me that we have power over our circumstances.  On our own it’s difficult to lie down and relax amidst the chaos, sometimes completely impossible.

When we surround ourselves with like-minded people – suddenly it becomes easier to focus on peace amidst the same chaos.  Add a Teacher to guide us and the next thing you know, you can do what you want in the middle of Time Square.

If You Can Focus There, You Can Focus Anywhere
If a child knows by experience that he can focus in Time Square, he now knows he can do it anywhere.

I didn’t expect to go to Time Square and learn a lesson in relaxation.  In fact we avoided Time Square whenever possible.  But on Summer Solstice with the crowds, the yogis, and a young boy, I got a new perspective on what it means to spend time in the company of those who share our values.   Values are known to be true from experience and these values become the foundation of our lives.

Who do you like your kids to be around?

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Love this. Had no idea this went on… Wish we did this in Toronto! Aruna, I’m posting your article on my site. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! I was there that day and actually saw a couple kids practicing with their parents. What an amazing experience for an adult – but to share it with your child?!?! Truly awesome!!!!

  3. Wonderful! The seeds we plant within our hearts and lives, bear the fruit that shape our destiny.

  4. Thanks Lisa,

    I like that quote about habits making us! So true.

  5. So inspiring to see the little boy resting in the midst of so much activity- not to mention he is outdoors! I too have noted how much easier to live and act as a yogi while in the company of like minded people. I see this in children as well. “If a child knows by experience that he can focus in Time Square, he now knows he can do it anywhere.” So true – many times my experience with teaching yoga to children whether in a classroom, outside or in a studio, has shown me that even the most active children, when brought to the calm and peaceful place that yoga provides, is soon asking for more of it. The key is to make it a habit to practice so that the ability to find that place, even admist chaos, is second nature. This is exactly the reason our greatest passion here at ChildLight Yoga is our Yoga 4 Classrooms program. “First we make our habits. Then, our habits make us.” ~ John Dryden.

    Thanks for a great post! Will link from our FB page 🙂