8 marks the spotI chant this in yoga class to:

  • – Get kids attention
  • – Help kids stay focused when holding a pose
  • – Have fun!

If the class is getting loud, I start to say the poem with one child who is sitting quietly. I draw it on the child’s back (and head – for the egg). Pretty soon all the children will be asking for a turn.

I don’t answer them until I am finished the poem, and then I tell them I will be choosing other kids who are quietly doing the next yoga pose.

Make sure each child gets a turn by the end of the class. Although, if a child isn’t quiet they may have to wait till the next time I come in to try again, but this rarely happens.



The poem goes like this:X marks the spot
With a dot, dot, dot
With a dit, dit, dit
With a Question Mark (?)Crack an egg on your head
(tap their head softly)
Let the yolk run down
(run your fingers down their hair)

Feel the breeze on your back (blow softly on their neck or back)
Let the chills go up
Let the chills go down………….

Got Ya (give them a little hug)

They will love this poem so much you won’t be able to stop doing it because they will ask for it again and again.

Now, is this yoga?
I doubt it was ever done in the Himalayas, but sometimes when everyone wants to keep saying the poem, we will all act it out using yoga poses.

Can you think of any yoga poses for it?


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