A Teen Reports on his First Yoga Class

By: Sir Dr. Siegfried L. Explosion esq. the 9th of Blackburn (age 16)
*name withheld so I can make up a cool pseudonym* Earlier this evening, I tried something different. For the first time in my life, I attended a yoga class. Why might I try to exert myself physically, you might ask,

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Kids Yoga Lesson Plans: Respect

A teacher and student play together in a parnter yoga pose doing cobra pose and Cat Cow

Respect is the Character Development theme for the month of September in our School Board. Respect means thoughtfulness, consideration, honor, admiration, regard, esteem.  All these words show what happens when there is respect.  But with kids you need to give them more than words, you need to give them an experience of Respect for them to understand it. The Roots of Respect: Start a class about respect discussing the roots of the word: “Re:” when “re” is in a word

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