By: Sir Dr. Siegfried L. Explosion esq. the 9th of Blackburn (age 16)
*name withheld so I can make up a cool pseudonym*

He can still do these hands now!

Earlier this evening, I tried something different. For the first time in my life, I attended a yoga class. Why might I try to exert myself physically, you might ask, me being the king of the lazy teenager stereotype? Well, reader, the answer is simple. I was bribed. In this case, the one doing the bribery was my aunt Kathy, a teacher at a local yoga shack (I’m sure there’s a much more proper name for it but I’m way too lazy to look it up).

The class started off slightly rough with all of the students and my aunt all joining together in an evil laugh, half to make fun of my inexperience and half to be “hip with the young’uns”. This only got worse when I was asked to sit cross-legged. Something I hadn’t done since circle time in kindergarten.  Sitting secretly decided to become next to impossible while I was off being perfectly happy not sitting cross-legged. Unfortunately, as I found out ten minutes later when we actually started the yoga, sitting cross-legged was the least of my worries.

A Bunch of 40+ year olds Were Way More Flexible
Each stretch seemed to push my muscles in a way they had never been pushed before, getting more and more embarrassing as I found out that a bunch of 40+ year olds were way more flexible than me. As the lesson progressed I found more and more things I couldn’t do without feeling like an angry badger was attacking whichever limb I was stretching.

It was by no means a bad experience though. This yoga class gave me the motivation to try to force myself to become more flexible and that moment of relief after you complete each stretch is pretty, well, relieving. And after all, the last bit of class being the meditation and relaxing included two of my all-time favorite things. Sitting and lying down. And after all I made 15$.

I suppose even though I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be pretty sore, I can definitely see the benefit of taking classes. I mean, muscles hurt meaning it must have been good exercise. I myself, however, learned two important lessons today. First of all, I’m about as flexible as a brick covered in cement covered in steel, and second and most important of all, that yoga is really, really hard.

Note from aunt Kathy: I paid my nephew $15 to write this blog post (plus he got a free yoga class!) but I told him he could write completely freely and I would not edit his work.  I guess I should have thought twice when I did the evil laugh at the beginning of the class.

By the Way – it turns out he was NOT sore the next day.


More News:

“Best Training Ever”
– feedback from the Kids Yoga Teacher Training last weekend.

Thanks to everyone who attended the training last weekend!  We laughed and learned and had a great time.  I still have to look at the pictures and will put some up soon.

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  1. Thanks Sarah – sometimes a bribe helps to get the (yoga) ball rolling. Hopefully one day he’ll do it without the bribe.

  2. What a terrific blog!! Way to go Sir Dr. S.L.E. etc. Well written account of your experience. I hope you keep it up — both yoga and writing. Nice bribe Kathy.

  3. Great job, Sir Dr. Slee from “B”,
    You have renewed my faith in the modern day teenager. So sorry that you chose to be wimpy about a little pain. Probably some trait you have inherited from a distant Poppa or something. Hopefully you will not inherit the laugh. Your sense of humour adds to this article. Nice Kathy.