Worry is imagining all the things that CAN go wrong. Its like creating a personalized haunted house in your head.  Worry is illusions, smoke and mirrors, things that haven’t actually happened for real. Like our kids flunking out in school and having to join the circus!

Handstands on the 80 ft Poles

Back to school time is a popular time for worrying.  We help ourselves and our kids by looking worry straight in the eye and seeing it for what it really is – a trick of the mind.  The Yogis say the mind is like a wild stallion that must be reigned in.  We’ve got to tame that stallion so that it can preform the tricks we want, not put us in danger!

So if you or your kids are worrying this week about back to school stuff, take off the pressure with a little fun by asking, “How bad would it really be?”

The “How bad would it really be?” game helps us learn to laugh at the tricks of the mind and put the mind in it’s rightful place.  For instance, if school does go horribly wrong a yogi could get many jobs that a regular education does not prepare them for.

How bad would it really be?  If school doesn’t work out, kids can always join the circus!  They could do a balancing act on the 80 ft. poles.

How bad would it really be? Since there’s so may animal yoga poses don’t forget the petting zoo fast track.

Animal Yoga as a career defining path.

How bad would it really be? A child who likes meditation may choose Sand Sculpture for their livelihood.

Obstacles Removed with Ganesha Sand Sculpture!

How bad would it really be? Bendy Em seems to be fitting in fine with her yoga background:

When thinking out of the box puts you in a box!

How bad would it really be? Look what a calm and steady state of mind can help you with:

Build them up, then knock them down at the end of the show.

How bad would it really be? If none of these work out, this shack may be the dream job of a lot of children:

The Deep Fried Butter always had a line-up!

By facing worry with a light heart we can better transform it and think about what we like instead of what we don’t like.  When worry takes the reigns – try playing this game to take the reigns back. Soon you’ll find there is really not that much to worry about after all!

Tame that stallion and go for a pleasure ride.

What games do you play that help adults and kids with worry?

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  1. I love this exercise! I’m going to try it next time I or my kiddies feel stressed. 🙂

    Happy SITS Day!

  2. What a wonderful way to engage in conversation with our children and relieve stress! Thank you for this excellent tool and fun game! Loved the pictures and captions too!

  3. It’s so great that you are equipping these kids with the tools to handle stress and anxiety! I came over from SITS and I’m so glad I did!

  4. I am really intrigued by your site as I have a 6 year old that worries himself sick, literally. I am willing to try anything. 🙂

  5. Very nice article indeed…not only for kids but also for us grown ups..Thanks a lot.. Pl do Keep posting such wonderful articles.

  6. Thanks for the exercise Theresa. It really puts it in perspective.

    I guess I should mention all these photos were from our day at the Canadian National Exhibition 2010 where something semi-yogic seemed to be around every corner. Ok – well maybe not those Deep Fried Butter balls.

  7. I love tihs exercise. I’m a big worrier, so I’ve done a similar exercise that a wise friend taught me. Here’s how it goes:

    First, identify the worry. (Oh no, my company is restructuring!)

    Then, ask yourself, “What’s the WORST thing that could happen if this worry occurs?” Don’t hesitate to be really outrageous and even playful with your “worst things”. List as many as you can think of. (I might lose my job! I might never get another job! I might end up working at the “deep fried butter stand” for the rest of my life!)

    Finally, when you’ve got all those “worst” things out in the open, then complete this sentence. “Even if … (I never get another job) … then I still … (have an amazing family who loves me).”

    It realy works for me, and I’ve taught it to others who also find it helpful.