Kids Yoga in Schools – Not My Favorite Location

This is Part Two of the Series on Creative Ways to Get Kids Yoga into Schools. How can kids yoga teachers bring yoga into schools?  Let’s talk!  Check out why its not my favorite location and what these teachers do to bring yoga into schools. Leave a comment to give your opinion, advice, or experience on teaching yoga in schools. For school teachers, take a look at Part One for ideas to bring yoga into the classroom. School is Not

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Buy One Get One Free: Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers

For the last few weeks I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Kids Yoga getting ready for my booth at the Yoga Show. So I thought I’ll shed some light on the less glamorous side of teaching yoga, the business side, with these marketing strategies. They’ve helped me get focused for the yoga show. I hope they help you reach more people with your yoga too! Plus a preview of our Buy One Get One FREE special coming next weekend.

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Trend-Spotting – What Keywords are People Using on Google About Junior Yoga

trend spotting kids yoga google SEO

  The Most Powerful Part of Your Promotion Most marketers give 80% of the power of your ad to the headline. Mostly because if your headline isn’t interesting no one will bother reading anything else you have to say. Just google “how to write a good headline” and you can get lots of advice. Play with Google’s Free Marketing Tools Here is one tool that I had fun playing with that helped me with my advertisements, blog, and website. It

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