Kids and Anxiety: What is Thought? (Part One)

Picture by GangaSunshine As all of us who work with children know – stress and anxiety are not only for those with bills to pay and families to feed. Anxiety and Acting Out in Class Last week in my kids’ yoga class one of the boys was acting unusually defiant. He was acting out and not following the rules to the point where he ended up crashing into one of the other kids in the class. No one was permanently

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Yoga for Boys – Does Bribery Work or is it Silly?

Making a Silly Face in Yoga (2002) Last week began another 9 week Kids Yoga Series at the community centre. One of the women in my adult yoga class had told/warned me she was going to register her son for the series. He’s a seven year old, full of energy, and terribly interested in video games, guns, and battles. In fact, she admitted to using bribery to get him to come. He doesn’t have to do homework on yoga days.

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Are You a Positron or a Negatron?


Does Your Vibration Make you a Positron or a Negatron? I had a great time at the Kundalini Yoga workshop with one of my favorite singers – Mata Mandir Singh. The Saturday workshop on Naad Yoga was powerful. Naad – the sound current is what we are all made of, this is what Quantum Physics proved. We are not as solid as we may feel we are! The Big Bang Theory of Creation Then the scientist came up with the

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Can Kids Handle the News?

can kids handle the news

An Emergency Landing in New York’s Hudson River – NY Times I can barely handle the news – so why talk about the news with kids?   But last Friday everyone was talking about the miracle landing of the Plane in the Hudson River. At the daycare the teacher had the newspaper pictures spread across the table talking to a parent. We were all amazed by the story. Maybe because it was so nice to see a story with a

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A Word on Wealth

wealth poverty

Kids, Money, Success, and Yoga Today is Blog Action Day 2008 on the topic of poverty and when teaching kids yoga it relates to an important topic to a lot of kids – money. So many kids I teach think that having money is success and that if they just had money then all their problems would be solved. If we Get money first: I know I have thought these types of things. If I get “x” dollars first, then

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