Problem Solving Naturally

problem solving naturally

True Success with Tweens Tweens (10 – 12 year olds) can be a real handful to teach. If you haven’t worked with this group then read my post for a preview of what you may face. But when you know how to teach tweens you can have a lot of fun. Trying to Control Them? Trying to make the kids behave a certain way is like swimming upstream. They are not adults who will sit and do whatever you tell

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Beware the Tweens in Daycares

beware the tweens in daycares

Tweens and Daycare Teaching Yoga in Daycares is a great way for kids to discover yoga. You can have short (30 minute) classes with all the different age groups in the school. Personally, at first I found the most challenging of these to be the tweens.   Yoga with tweens (aged around 10 – 12 years old, between kids and teens)requires a certain knack, especially when they are in daycare. Unlike most kids in studio yoga classes, the kids have

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