Kids Meditation – 7 Year Old Yoga Sensation on Fox News

The Kundalini Kid! Check out this News Story from Fox News:   Seven Year Old Sensation The seven year old boy in this news story has grown up around yoga.  Obviously he’s watched many a yoga class over the years from his birth to “almost eight years old.”   But the story also reveals what yoga has done for him.  First, he’s creative enough to make up his own celestial communication meditation.  Second, he accepted the invitation to lead the

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Mother, Are We Poor?

Kids know joy is the true wealth. I wrote this post about success earlier this week, and then this story appeared in my in-box in a newsletter from Touchstone Seminars. It’s a very short story from Tulshi Sen about understanding success: There was a poor boy who went to his mother. She was a widow. He said, “Mother are we poor?” His mother said to him, “No son, we are very rich and someday we will have money.” That is

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Did the Hare Bully the Tortoise?

Unwitting Wisdom: An Anthology Of Aesop’s Fables (click on this link to look inside the book) Last week in my kids yoga class, I read the story Steady and Slow from this book of Aesop’s Fables. The story has been told many ways, but a few things remain consistent no matter where you hear it: The hare is chock full of confidence to the point of bragging all the time and annoying not only the tortoise, for being slow, but

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Sun Salutations – Ways to Explain the Sun Salutation to Kids

ways to explain sun salutations to kids

Another thing my teacher, Tulshi Sen, reminded us: Even if a room is dark for one hundred years, it doesn’t take a hundred years to light it. A candle will fill it instantly. He also said, When we look up into the sky on a dark night we can see tons of stars. During the day, all those stars are still there. The sun is so powerful, we don’t see them. That is how powerful our Consciousness is and why

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Sun Salutation for Kids – Waking Up In the Dark

waking up in the dark

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night when it was completely dark? Did you grope around in the dark trying to find the light switch, arms flailing around for protection, inching along trying to find the light without bumping into anything? Afraid for your shins? Stubbing your toe? Running your hand all over the wall feeling for the switch, only to discover you are on the wrong wall? When you finally do find the switch and

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