Kids know joy is the true wealth.

I wrote this post about success earlier this week, and then this story appeared in my in-box in a newsletter from Touchstone Seminars. It’s a very short story from Tulshi Sen about understanding success:
There was a poor boy who went to his mother. She was a widow.
He said, “Mother are we poor?” His mother said to him,

“No son, we are very rich and someday we will have money.”

That is exactly what the mother wanted to tell the son,

you attract what you are, you never attract what you want.

I wish I could be in Vancouver for the upcoming Success seminar with Tulshi Sen on July 25-26. It’s called: The Master Key for Success for Today’s World. What we believe is the Master Key. But how do we increase our “Believe level?” If you are in or near Vancouver – click here for details of the seminar – from my experience with Tulshi Sen as a teacher/mentor the weekend will be life changing.

This was another part of the inspiration for my two afternoon workshops coming up in Toronto. Are we conscious about what we teach kids about success? This is why we will deeply examine True success in this workshop. The details are here. We can teach kids a greater understanding of success but only if we first understand it ourselves.

Let’s consciously teach kids what it means to be rich and poor. This story helps us contemplate what being poor and being rich is, and how we talk to kids about it.

Yours truly,

Aruna Humphrys

P.S. There will be a weekend with Tulshi Sen in Toronto in October on The Master Key to Success in Today’s World. I’ll let you know when as soon as the dates are announced.

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  1. Ganga – beautifully said. "Children are all of our successes!" Love that idea.

  2. "We can teach kids a greater understanding of success but only if we first understand it ourselves."

    I'm so glad you are reaching out to the yoga community because that message is so crucial for all the transformations happening in our age. Children are all of our successes projecting into the future.