Sun Salutations – Music for the Sun Salutation

music for sun salutations

Here are some beautiful and uplifting music suggestions I have used for relaxation or background music in classes with the Sun Salutation. The Sun Shines on Everyone (It doesn’t make choices) on the Feeling Good Today Children’s Yoga Music CD by Snatam Kaur (listen to the song here) Sun Salutation – Dance for the Sun by Kira Willey (listen here) (I downloaded this Kira Willey’s CD from itunes and have listened to it outside of my yoga class – catchy

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Sun Salutations – Ways to Explain the Sun Salutation to Kids

ways to explain sun salutations to kids

Another thing my teacher, Tulshi Sen, reminded us: Even if a room is dark for one hundred years, it doesn’t take a hundred years to light it. A candle will fill it instantly. He also said, When we look up into the sky on a dark night we can see tons of stars. During the day, all those stars are still there. The sun is so powerful, we don’t see them. That is how powerful our Consciousness is and why

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