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Sun Salutation for Kids – How to Remove Darkness

Toronto City Hall – WinterCity 2008 Sun Salutation to Remove Darkness My teacher, Tulshi Sen, often reminded us of the old proverb: There is no way to take darkness out of a room.No matter how hard you try you will never be able to push out the darkness. The only way to get rid of darkness is by bringing in light. Discussing this with kids before doing the sun salutation can lead to some mighty interesting insights. How does it

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Sun Salutation for Kids – Saluting the Eternal Light Within Us

In previous posts we’ve looked at how to do the Sun Salutation with kids. In the next few post I want to talk about the meaning behind the Sun Salutation. Introducing these topics to kids can lead to an interesting discussion and you can find out what they think about it. Plus, looking at all levels of yoga, body, mind, and spirit, injects meaning into a ritual. The Sanskrit name for the Sun Salutation is actually Surya Namaskar. Surya means

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Who do Kids Belong to?

Kids Meditating in one of my Kids Yoga Classes This picture really shows how much kids enjoy meditation. Over the years teaching kids I’ve seen how deeply kids can experience yoga and meditation. It slowly became a passion for me to hold the space for kids to experience their inner world. Playing with DivinityI started teaching kids yoga classes that were all play and games. Then began introducing the powerful concepts of yoga that I learned from my Teachers. These

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A Priceless Treasure

To Get Kids Attention In the year 2003 I found a valuable treasure while teaching kids yoga. It was a few minutes before ten a.m. when I came into the daycare and the energy was high. The kids were sitting in their little chairs finishing snack, crumbs spread over floors and faces. Seeing me, the teachers gave the kids a 3 minute warning and started one of the many clean ups of the day. I had no idea I was

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Stroke of Genius: A Meditation

Don’t always have time to meditate? Life and family can require so much time that activities like meditation take a back seat. Why not try this simple meditation that lets you: – maximize your routine with your kids in the mornings and evenings – give your children the gift of meditation – build your child’s confidence and self esteem – enhance your relationship with your children A Good Hair Day! This simple meditation is done while brushing your child’s hair.

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