Sitting Under the Wish Fulfilling Tree

Ancient Secrets/Modern Terms
With all the talk about The Secret, the Law of Attraction, Oprah’s book club and everything else, I’m reminded of an Ancient Story that my teacher told me that basically says the same thing. I tell it in my children’s yoga classes regularly.

It’s the story of The Wish Fulfilling Tree which explains How to Guard the Self-Sabotaging Mind. In brief, the story tells of a poor farmer who sits under a tree for shade only to discover it is The Wish Fulfilling Tree. Everything that he thinks of magically appears before him and he is in bliss just thinking of everything he wants. Until….

You guessed it! He stars to worry and “POOF” his worries come to life as well.

“This power works without question or pause and will not judge your wishes, it will fulfill them instantly.” Tulshi Sen, Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World

I tell this story to show kids that the Law of Attraction is a great boon, but it can also be a wretched curse if you cannot control your thinking. This is why we do meditation – even with kids. We do it for ourselves and to improve our own lives – not for anyone else.

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I listen to these Daily Talks to help me be aware of my thinking. We’ve got to keep a watchful eye on our thinking or it can slip into worry, or worse, so easily. As it says in the latest talk – a good day or a bad day is determined by your thinking. Can you control your thinking?

New talks are being posted regularly.

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