What is YOUR Inner Teacher Like?

One of the reason’s I love teaching children yoga is to see the way kids understand the great notions we ponder in meditation, especially compared to adults.


For instance we’ll talk about the idea of Intuition – the inner teacher, the wisdom within. Both adults and children love this but when adults hear about it they get all profound and deep about connecting with their teacher inside, they take it really seriously.


When I talk to kids about it and ask if they’ve heard of the teacher inside, they mostly say yes. Then if I ask for examples, they say things like this one girl did who clearly knew what she was talking about:


“yes I felt my teacher inside one day when I was waiting for the subway and I really wanted to throw my retainer onto the subway tracks, but I just put it in my pocket instead.”


Can you believe she felt her teacher inside wanted her to throw her retainer onto the tracks and be free? It was her mind who remembered she would have a lotta explaining to do when she got home. So she chose not to do it.

Good or bad? Who cares! She knew inner wisdom when she felt it!


“If we are not Conscious of a thing, that thing does not exist for us. Consciousness is our life. When we are unconscious we don’t feel. Life is feeling.”


Aruna Humphrys

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