Kids Meditation – 7 Year Old Yoga Sensation on Fox News

The Kundalini Kid! Check out this News Story from Fox News:   Seven Year Old Sensation The seven year old boy in this news story has grown up around yoga.  Obviously he’s watched many a yoga class over the years from his birth to “almost eight years old.”   But the story also reveals what yoga has done for him.  First, he’s creative enough to make up his own celestial communication meditation.  Second, he accepted the invitation to lead the

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Songs for Teaching Kids Yoga

Hello all, Many of my summer kids yoga classes are coming to an end now. The summer program is a great time to try out new material to see how it works, like this song that took a couple classes for the kids to get to know, but they liked it. Since I started teaching yoga, I feel like a teenager again when it comes to music. I often download a new album every month or so, especially when I

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Sun Salutations – Music for the Sun Salutation

music for sun salutations

Here are some beautiful and uplifting music suggestions I have used for relaxation or background music in classes with the Sun Salutation. The Sun Shines on Everyone (It doesn’t make choices) on the Feeling Good Today Children’s Yoga Music CD by Snatam Kaur (listen to the song here) Sun Salutation – Dance for the Sun by Kira Willey (listen here) (I downloaded this Kira Willey’s CD from itunes and have listened to it outside of my yoga class – catchy

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X Marks the Spot

8 marks the spot

I chant this in yoga class to: – Get kids attention – Help kids stay focused when holding a pose – Have fun! If the class is getting loud, I start to say the poem with one child who is sitting quietly. I draw it on the child’s back (and head – for the egg). Pretty soon all the children will be asking for a turn. I don’t answer them until I am finished the poem, and then I tell

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