New Webinar: What Happens at the Kids Yoga Teacher Summer Certification?

You’re about 45 days away from the 12 Day Summer Certification with Young Yoga Masters.  Questions have been coming in about how the program works, which prompted our next free webinar: What Happens at the Summer Certification During this FREE Webinar you’ll get an inside look into the upcoming Kids Yoga Teacher 12 Day Summer Certification. Our goal is to help you find out if this is the right training for you now and for your future as a kids

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Levels of Certification for Kids Yoga Teachers – Who Gets What?

Different levels of certification for kids yoga teachers

What factors are important to you in choosing a yoga teacher training? With news of the ongoing advocacy work of Yoga Alliance to prevent Yoga Teaching from becoming legislated, it is not unreasonable to feel a little confused about what is actually required to teach yoga. At this year’s Yoga Show and Conference in Toronto, the most common question we were asked was: “What training do I need to become a Kids Yoga Teacher?”

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5 Keys to Giving a Good Quote for Teaching Kids Yoga

How to Give a Quote for Teaching Kids Yoga

We don’t usually picture a yogi carrying a briefcase and using a calculator.  The business of yoga is a whole new skill for most yoga teachers. It was for me, there are still times I have to remind myself to think like a business person as well as a yogi. So it is not surprising when questions about the business of teaching kids yoga come up, questions like: How do I give a quote to a school that asked for

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Top 10 Kids Yoga Animal Poses

two boys are at the petting zoo with the baby pigs. Kids love animals so animal yoga is a natural fit.

Top 10 Kids Yoga Animal Poses There’s a question that every new kids yoga teacher asks when doing kids yoga: How do I teach kids yoga animal poses? Yoga animal poses are part of the basic tools for teaching kids. You’ll find them in many kids yoga books like: The Yoga Zoo Adventure for Little Kids by Helen Purperhart Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga for Children by Shakta Kaur Khalsa (I’ve bought this book twice, my first one I used

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Get Started Teaching Yoga for Kids

Let the Games Begin! Practice Teaching in the Teacher Training Course One great thing about teaching the teacher training course is there is time for questions and answers. And I’m not the only one answering! I have ten plus years experience, but you’re also tapping into a the group’s experience. For instance this course had lots of yoga teachers from different styles (Moksha, Hatha, Anusara, Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Hot) plus other teachers, therapists for kids, parents and grandparents. The

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Get Kids Active with Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks are a Kid’s Favorite Thanks to everyone who has been sending in questions! Here’s part one of a question that came in from a yogi in Toronto who’s just starting teaching kids: I was teaching an age 7 – 12 age group at a daycare and I had this one boy (who will never engage with me — have taught him 3 times now), who ended up sitting on his mat the whole time through the entire class.

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Kids and Relaxation – a Trouble Shooting Guide

Kids Yoga Encourages Children to Discover the Art of Relaxation Here’s the second part of the a letter I received asking about the sometimes difficult part of a kids yoga class: relaxation with kids. Dear Aruna, After completing my yoga therapy course I stayed in Bangalore for a couple of days and I went to teach kids yoga at my friends daughters kindergarten. 4-5 year olds, we did a “yoga safari” letting the kids imagine what animals we ran into.

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Times for Kids Yoga Classes

Build a Pyramid: One Yoga Activity for a Long Class Aruna Teaching a School-age Class The times for yoga classes is one of the most common questions I get asked about kids yoga. Recently asked by Anna, another yogini in Singapore: Dear Aruna, After completing my yoga therapy course I stayed in Bangalore for a couple of days and I went to teach kids yoga at my friends daughters kindergarten. 4-5 year olds, we did a “yoga safari” letting the

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How to Start to Teach Kids Yoga – Part 2

Keeping Kids Attention in Yoga Class CONFESSIONS OF A NEWBIE KIDS’ YOGA TEACHERIn my last post, Ling from Singapore asked about how to get started teaching kids yoga. This account of her first class really gives a clear picture of what it can be like to teach real kids, as opposed to adults pretending to be kids in a training course. Here are the ups and downs of her very first yoga class. Thanks to Ling for her honesty and

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