We don’t usually picture a yogi carrying a briefcase and using a calculator.  The business of yoga is a whole new skill for most yoga teachers. It was for me, there are still times I have to remind myself to think like a business person as well as a yogi.

So it is not surprising when questions about the business of teaching kids yoga come up, questions like: How do I give a quote to a school that asked for one for kids yoga classes.

It’s was a discussion on Facebook and with grads from our kids yoga teacher training. January is when schools have a handle on their budgets and can spend for extra-curricular classes. Its a time to get new classes.

Giving a quote is tricky because you don’t want to over price yourself and loose the job, and you don’t want to sell yourself short by charging too little.
We delve into the Business of Yoga in our Branching Out Certificate of our RCYS to examine what to charge, how to phrase things, and what has worked for people.  We had one student who made back her tuition by graduation by starting to teach kids yoga classes after one of our weekend certification courses.  The Level 2 Mastermind:Curriculum Design and Business Planning Certificate is a good investment because of all the business tools you get, the opportunity to ask questions, and about 60 games, songs and lesson plans for your yoga classes too.
How to Give a Quote for Teaching Kids Yoga
 Now here’s a preview of the types of things we discuss:

Giving a Quote for Teaching Yoga to Children

1. Summarize What You are Quoting in your Yoga Proposal

Summarize what you are quoting by listing exactly what you think they want.  You will make sure you understand them and you have the start of an agreement on what you will deliver. For example:

Quote for:

  • 2 x 20 minute kids yoga classes during the 1st and 2nd nutrition breaks each week on Thursday
  • 1 x 30 min class during school in the gym each week on Thursday
Sometimes someone will e-mail you for a quote and you won’t be sure exactly what they want.  They may not specify if things are on the same day, a one time event or weekly, or how many children you will be teaching.  If this happens give them a call and make a personal connection if they’ve included their phone number.
Your second choice is emailing them for more info.
Your third choice is to quote on everything, which could help them see the deal they get if they book you regularly.

2. State What They Will Get in Your Kids Yoga Classes

Describe your learning objectives:
I will teach 3 yoga classes for children with these learning objectives:
  • engage the children using props, stories, and music to get everyone involved
  • provide aerobic activity and stretching to meet DPA Requirements (DPA is the lingo used in my area and stands for Daily Physical Activity – use the lingo for your area)
  • introduce simple breathing tools and mindfulness techniques to calm children to be ready to learn
  • create opportunities for positive interaction between children through games and partner yoga

3. Quote Your Prices and Why You Charge What You Do for Teaching Kids Yoga:

Time spent for each school visit:
  • prep time for ongoing classes – 30 minutes
  • prep time for school wide events – 2 hours (or how long you estimate for the length of your event)
  • travel to and from school – x minutes
  • arrival 10-15 minutes before class to set up
  • teaching time – 70 minutes
  • time in between classes – x minutes
  • Total time: x hours x minutes
 Single Visits Rates:
  • $250 minimum charge for a one time visit up to 1.5 hours
  • $550 for a half-day event (3.5 hours)
  • $950 for a full-day event (7 hours)

For Ongoing Class Rates:

  • $150 minimum charge per visit for up to 90 minutes time
  • $1/minute for time above 90 minutes.

You are invited to read more on How Much to Charge here.

4. Offer Room To Negotiation (If You Are Willing)

If you are open to discussion you can include:

  • Note:  we may have some flexibility to work within your budget

Negotiation is a dance leave room for give and take


5. Include a Page with your Contact Info and Kids Yoga Training and Experience

On another page include a one page summary of all the important info related to you as a kids yoga teacher. Be sure you include your qualifications such as:

  • academic degrees
  • early childhood education training
  • Yoga Alliance certified kids yoga teacher training
  • Adult yoga teacher training
  • current or previous teaching experience that might be relevant to the class or school you are quoting

The idea here is to show your experience and training so the school feels comfortable in hiring you. To give them the confidence that you can handle a kids yoga class.

6. Bonus Tip – End With a Good Follow Up Sentence

Be sure to include a sentence or two about the best way the client can follow up with you if they have any more questions or want to go ahead with the class you have quoted for. You can use a line like:

  • If you have any more questions, or want to start this class/session feel free to call me at 416-944-2888 or email [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Business of Teaching Yoga to Children

Is there anything else you include when you get a call for a quote?  What do you do when someone approaches you.

The good thing is, once your outline and Resume are done you can use them for all your quotes.

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