what happens at the kids yoga teacher summer certification webinar

You’re about 45 days away from the 12 Day Summer Certification with Young Yoga Masters.  Questions have been coming in about how the program works, which prompted our next free webinar: What Happens at the Summer Certification

During this FREE Webinar you’ll get an inside look into the upcoming Kids Yoga Teacher 12 Day Summer Certification.

Our goal is to help you find out if this is the right training for you now and for your future as a kids yoga teacher!

What Happens at the Summer Certification

free webinar about what happens at the kids yoga teacher summer certificationHere’s what we will discuss in the webinar:

  • why it’s tougher to choose a training now, more than ever before and what you can do to choose the right one for your goals.
  • the options and courses you can take at the Summer Certification,
  • lots of pictures from the Summer Certification at the Art Gallery of Burlington
  • the experience you will get when we teach 50 + children from 3 – 13 years old in the practicum
  • what resources you will leave with and what your manuals look like,
  • and how you will be able to use your training to put yourself out there as a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher after the training is over.


graduates of the best kids yoga teacher certification in Ontario

Way to Go Graduates of the Burlington Summer Certification! What a wonderful, compassionate group, so caring and kind.

Kids yoga teacher training opens doors for you to do meaningful work that you care about. Find out how teaching yoga has changed our graduates lives!

If you are considering attending the Summer Certification, but not quite sure if it is right for your, don’t miss this free webinar.


The Summer Certification starts on July 14, so now is the time to find out what its all about and if it is right for your goals.

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