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5 Kids Yoga Activities to Enhance Your Camps this Summer

Kids Mandala Workshop Meditation and Yoga Presentation, kids hold up the mandalas they created with coloured ink and stampers

It’s summer!  Which means kids yoga camps and time to try fresh ideas that you just don’t have time to try in a regular class. I’m planning a summer camp right now.  It’s 18 hours of kids yoga over 5 days in our Kids Yoga Teacher – Summer Certification.  So going through my resources and picking my favorite activities.  This camp during the Kids Yoga Training is so much fun and adds a dimension to the training you only get

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7 Reasons iPods are Awesome for Kids Yoga Teachers and their Music

Do you love your iPod or are you more comfortable sticking with your CD’s? Are you getting the most from your iPod or MP3 player? Make the most of your children’s yoga classes with these technology ideas for your kids yoga music.

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For When You Have a Few Extra Minutes at the End of a Kids Yoga Class

Have you ever been teaching kids yoga only to find yourself with extra time at the end of the class? Here are three things to fill those last few minutes.

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Kids Need a Place to be Creative

Creative Movement in Yoga Class This week’s story about teaching kids yoga is from a 30 minute daycare class I teach to a junior school-age group (ages 5 – 7 years old).  This class has an even mix of boys and girls. A few of the children also play other sports and are very active and there are a few children who don’t exercise much.  So it’s a typical school class nowadays. Kids Yoga Teachers Get to Know the Personality

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