7 Reasons iPods are Awesome for Kids Yoga Teachers and their Music

In Kids Yoga Teacher Training I recommend teachers get a portable music player like an iPod or MP3.  Usually more than 50% already use them and just nod knowingly in agreement during this part of the training.

Others half heartedly agree because they have the technology but have not plugged it in yet.

And a small but significant percentage get a terrified look on their face and just shake their head “no.” They are either afraid to take the leap into technology or just plain don’t like it.

use playlists for your kids yoga music

Use playlists for your kids yoga music.

Of course music is still available in CD format, and you can burn some pretty useful mixed CD’s.  But sooner or later you’ll have to make the switch since many major record companies have announced they are not producing CD’s anymore.

Here are some reasons to go for it now which include how you can make the most of your player if you already have one:

  1. Save Time:  You’ll save time fiddling with CD’s and changing songs during your kids yoga classes. You won’t have as many gaps in your class, gaps that drive some kids to distraction.
  2. Save Money:  A whole album of Music is usually at least $10 less as a download than to buy in CD format.  On top of that there are no shipping fees.
  3. Get Only the Songs You Want:  you can just download one song if you don’t want to buy the whole album.  Again more savings.
  4. Playlists:  You can create a playlist especially for your class and have all your songs in order and ready to go.  I also have playlists like “Childrens faves,” “Relaxation Music,” and “Childrens New” for new downloads I want to try out with my classes.  Playlists make finding a song even easier. Especially in times like this.
  5. Create Space:  a few years ago I made the leap and imported all my CD’s into iTunes then gave the CD’s away (well I kept maybe 5 out of the hundreds).  I have never missed them, in fact I end up listening to my old music more because of the “shuffle” function or just searching an artist or album I haven’t heard in a while.  What used to take a whole shelf in my living room, now fits in my pocket!  I love the space it has created.
  6. Relate to Kids:  Kids are growing up in the technology age.  They don’t read manuals, they get a new piece of technology and start using it.  It’s not a big decision, it’s entertainment.  Like spending money on going out to dinner. Technology is always a great ice breaker with older kids, tweens, and teens.
  7. It’s Easier than you Think: Once you get used to the dashboard of your player, using digital music is about as easy as writing an e-mail.  I feel like a teenager again when it comes to music, I often get a new album every month.

Most teachers are on the cusp of the digital world.  We have one foot in the old world of records, eight tracks, cassettes, and/or CD’s and we may be dipping a toe in the new world of technology.

But technology is all kids have ever known.  If you’re wondering how something works, ask the kids you teach!  Or do what they do – Google the answer. All the answers are there.

So there’s no need to be a technology dinosaur! Get with the times, you’ll be glad you did.

Please leave a comment to tell us how important your iPod or MP3 player is to your kids yoga classes. Are you glad you have one or are you just fine without?

Do you have other reasons or tips that may convince someone who’s sitting on the fence about buying an iPod?

Finally, check out my favourite songs and albums on my Recommended Resources page.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. What ipod or mp3 do you recomment…i’m a newbie.

    Thanks for the great site, J

    • any ipod or MP3 player that can make playlists are great for organizing music for yoga class. right now, I’m using the player on my phone and there are great speakers that connect with bluetooth technology that you don’t even have to be beside your speaker either.

      hope you find a good one to try. Let me know how it goes.

  2. You should be a part of a contest for one of the highest
    quality sites on the web. I will highly recommend this blog!

  3. Would love some new kid’s yoga, any ideas?

  4. Music really help us in yoga, it increases our energy and help us enhances our flexibility through the rythm of the song.

  5. Make the most of your kids yoga music with technology. Thanks for letting me visit your site. Please keep it up.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. Its great to see how technology is being used to uplift others.

    • I have taught through cassettes, cds and ipods. I use my ipod 99% of the time now. The thing is , I never had to recharge my cds. I still carry a few cds as a back up. If my ipod runs out I stick a cd on.
      But! I am close to not carrying a boom box around and instead use speakers that plug into my ipod (speakers need to be charged also) so the cd back up plan won’t work . Best thing is when I work with a boombox that charges the ipod while it is playing. Recently though I found myself using a cassette tape….I had found an old one with music I had not heard for a while. It was like finding an old friend….and though I had put the music on cd at one point, the cd had stopped reading, the cassette works fine! Just a long comment to say–they all have plusses and minuses!


      • Thanks for the comment Elizabeth. Yes charging the iPod and speakers is another thing to manage. Thanks for adding this important reminder.

  7. Well this is definitely a great idea for all the kids today especially it has a lot of benefits for them and of course, for us as parents..

  8. I have been following your blog since you used to writing on blogger platform. This post is really different! Yes, as a Kids Yoga Instructor I believe we should use latest technologies to ensure better services.

  9. Hi Aruna,
    Your latest blog made me smile : ) Ha ha

    I was addicted to CD’s. I think you will be happy to know..no more!! My hubby bought me the new iphone S4 after years my old cell phone old faithful died! Than my girls loaded the song Cd’s. I also ordered some new Cds and they put the songs on…now they download any song I want for me : )

    Also I have a new Bose player for my i phone. I fubble a bit getting the song in class but your idea of favourite list is great!

    Anyways thanks again for getting me hooked on kids yoga.

  10. I am not a teacher but I’ve done many yoga classes and I’m always shocked when I see an instructor without an MP3 player. It just seems like the easiest way to get music to the class. 🙂