We had wonderful participation in the free webinar video training over the weekend.

I want to thank everyone for your great questions and feedback. We met, we talked, we learned a lot about becoming a kids yoga teacher. I appreciate all the questions sent in to make the webinar so informative and interesting.

Here are just a few questions that were answered:

  • What does it take to become a kids yoga teacher?
  • What is different about the 95 Hour Training compared to the 25 hour training I took?
  • How do you make the kids pay attention?
  • If you could have only 3 props in your kids class, what would they be?

We covered so many subjects for those new to kids yoga and for teachers looking for fresh ideas.

In addition to these questions, we answered a whole bunch of important questions by participants. For all those who want to know the ins and outs of getting trained as a kids yoga teacher, this is an excellent resource. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar live, the recording is below along with all the links mentioned in the webinar.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Resources Links

During the webinar I talked about some wonderful resources so here is a list of them:

Summer Certification in Burlington, Ontario

Come get your 95 Hour Certificate (or as many modules as you want to attend) by the shores of Lake Ontario this summer.
Summer Certification Details and Registration Costs Here


Toronto Yoga Show – Free Tickets to Show

Visit A Children’s Yoga Network Booth 526 at The Toronto Yoga Show
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Get Free Tickets to the Show on our Facebook Page 

Kundalini Yoga Spring Getaway – An Amazing Yoga Weekend for Adults

Immerse yourself in a weekend to enhance your personal practice and see what a difference it makes in your teaching!
Register for the Spring Getaway Here

More Resource Links from the Webinar

New Age Teacher on Instagram

I highly recommend following Nicole from New Age Teacher on Instagram. We include her resources in our Mindfulness for Children Module and her audio tracks are so empowering for children.

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Another favourite resource is The Connected Yoga Teacher, who has a wonderful Podcast and very active Facebook group.  Here is her article on Insurance for Yoga Teachers.

Tween / Teen Leadership Program

This very successful Leadership program for tweens and teens can be purchased at Ambassador Yoga.  It includes workbooks to give out in your classes that help youth stay engaged and work towards taking Yoga Teacher Training.  Leadership Program Details Here

Yoga Teachers: Lead a 200 Hour Training

I talked about how this program was inspired by my own experience of becoming a lifeguard in my teens.  There are so many kids starting yoga at a young age, why shouldn’t they deepen their practice with Yoga Teacher Training in their teens, the same way I became a lifeguard in my teens.  This program is designed to support those who are already yoga teacher, so they can offer a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to the Teens they teach.

Ambassador Yoga Trainer Fast-Track helps experienced Yoga Teachers start offering Teacher Training using Ambassador’s Manuals and School Syllabus.
If you are an experienced Yoga Teacher check this out!

Aruna’s Favourite Yoga Music on Spotify

Wondering what kids yoga music I play on my big portable speaker I showed you in the webinar? Here’s the link to my kids yoga playlist on spotify that you can follow or make notes from. My Kids Yoga Playlist on Spotify

Free Yoga Alphabet Poster

In the first webinar that didn’t get recorded, I promised a link for the Free Alphabet Poster (pictured below) that you can print out and use with your kids.  This is from the Yoga Literacy Module of our Kids Yoga Teacher Training where you receive a printed colour poster in English and French as well as Yoga Cards and a big Colour Book.

a kids yoga alphabet poster with one yoga pose for each letter of the alphabet

Frog Yoga Alphabet Printable Poster


Kids Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack

Online Kids Yoga Training Resources

One of the webinar participants asked about online training options.  Young Yoga Masters has 2 self-study options available:

The Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack

With this package you receive a PDF of both manuals which includes games for kids learning the alphabet as well as readers. You get the PDF of all the yoga alphabet poses in colour, black and white colouring pages, and the Pose guides showing you how to do each pose. It’s highly recommended if you want activity pages to give to the kids yoga teach.

Purchase it here.

Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Yoga for Boys

This training package also includes a PDF with Yoga Man doing the Sun Salutation with Pose Guide and 10 Games featuring the sun salutation. If you find that boys just aren’t signing up for your kids yoga classes, you need this package!

Purchase it here. 

How to Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

I hope this video webinar helped answer your questions about becoming a kids yoga teacher.  It can be confusing to figure out!  If you have any remaining questions about it, you can email Young Yoga Masters here.

Have fun sharing the joy of yoga with everyone you meet, young and old!

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You’ll be glad you did it!