It’s that time of year when the school year is winding down.  Teens are going to prom.  Kids are getting lathered up with sunscreen.  Teachers are getting ready to say goodbye. Parents are getting ready for a busy summer.

At Young Yoga Masters we’re winding down our kids classes and have some great free printables to give you today for your summer yoga.  I’ll explain a little more about my end of year routine in schools and daycare too.

I’m also getting ready for the Summer Certification kids yoga training intensive.  The intensive is an easy way to get your 95 Hour Certification quickly, in under 2 weeks in fact.  Everything is included in that time.  It makes for a memorable summer! Our upcoming course dates can be seen here if you are interested in continuing your education.

Printable Kids Yoga: A Lesson Plan to Print for Children to Take Home

When I’m teaching  a kids yoga at a school or studio and there are only two or three classes left before the session ends, I introduce the students to the idea of doing a home yoga practice.  This is not only for school age children, but preschool kids as well. I do it by reviewing poses we’ve done that year, providing handouts to take home, and reminding the students of what they have accomplished and already know.

Alphabet Yoga Names

My first choice for handouts are the letters of a child’s name using the Frog Yoga Alphabet.  It is a personal touch for classes where I know each child.  Not only does it remind kids of the yoga poses on their take-away, I present it as a special award for completing the series of yoga.

I use the Alphabet throughout the series, taking turns doing yoga poses for the letters of each person’s name.  I print out each person’s name from the Frog Yoga Alphabet using the 1/4 page size in the PDF.  Then in class I start with the first child in the circle or first child who is sitting quietly and ready, say its Michael, then I check if other children also have a name that starts with M.  Depending on the age of the children, I may also ask who has an “M” anywhere in their name. Then everyone does “M,” Moon Pose (Crescent Moon).

We move onto the next person’s letter until we do everyone’s first letter.

At the end of the class I give each person their letter to colour as a wind down activity. I collect the letters at the door and use them in future classes till we reach the end of the series. At the final class the children get all their letters and can staple them together as they choose (book or banner are the most popular styles) and take them home.

a girl holding a banner made of letters of her name from the kids yoga alpahbet

Kids Get to Take Home their Yoga Name, I use the Printable Poses from the Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Online

When kids get to take home their letters, they have a visual reminder of the yoga poses they have just done and can do the poses on their own. The visual reminder reinforces what they have learned.

Important Business Tip for Your Kids Yoga Hand Outs

When I teach where I may not know who is coming, like in a community centre or school, then I give out a generic handout like the Summer Time Yoga or the Yoga Alphabet poster printables below.

One quick business tip before you grab them: If you are a teacher, print up some labels with info on your next class to stick on the back of your hand out, or get a rubber stamp to stamp your info on the back (or have the kids stamp them – they love to stamp things).  This reminds parents about your class info, camps, or the yoga birthday parties you offer.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with parents and let them know how to reach you for more yoga!

Now, on to the printables.

Free Summer Time Yoga – Printable Colouring Page

four yoga poses for kids Download the FREE Summer Time Yoga Printable Here

 Free Yoga Alphabet Printable

Yoga Alphabet Poster for Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Young Yoga Masters free download

Yoga Alphabet Poster – Download the Free Printable Here (We recommend printing on 12″ x 18″ paper)


Get More Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double PackDiscover the Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Double Pack Here


Are you going to utilize these Yoga Printables?  How?

Share some comment love below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Lead Trainer, Young Yoga Masters

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  1. that’s a great point – compared to many other sports, yoga does not cost much to practice. In may schools, we just do yoga on whatever floor or carpet space they have, we don’t even use yoga mats because there is nowhere to store them.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. Thanks Aruna, I love these handy printables as well as the set of cards that we received in last year’s Summer Intensive training. I’ll be sure to use them in the FOUR kids camps that I’m teaching this summer!!!

    • HI Karen – you have taught so many kids yoga classes since you graduated, the kids and parents must be happy to be learning yoga!

      That’s amazing that you’ve got four camps this summer. Congratulations. I’m glad all your teaching in the practicum in last summers course is being put to good use.

  3. Thanks Aruna, Just printed a few out to use in tonights class.

    • Wonderful! It’s always a treat to get a quick and easy lesson plans for kids classes.

      It’s great to see your kids yoga summer camps happening in Grimsby Ontario. They kids will have a lot of fun at those.