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Spend Time with Your Kids Amidst the Chaos

Up close, in the first picture we see a child resting.  In this picture we see exactly where all this is happening.  This event showed me that we have power over our circumstances.  On our own it’s difficult to lie down and relax amidst the chaos, sometimes completely impossible. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people – suddenly it becomes easier to focus on peace amidst the same chaos.  Add a Teacher to guide us and the next thing you

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New Start, New Courses, & New York City

Did you ever notice how the word “news” has “new” in it? I guess its obvious but  I noticed it when I started planning the summer. Mostly I think of news as doom and gloom. But when I realize it probably started a long time ago with someone saying, “Hey, what’s NEW?”  News is way better from the NEW perspective. I’ve got NEWs. New York City Get Ready! First, I’m very excited to be taking a girls-only trip to New

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Character Development: 3 Steps to Integrity

In my city, Toronto (Canada), school teachers must guide kids on  Character Development themes.  Today’s theme is Integrity.  Remember integers in math?  They are whole numbers.  Integrity comes from the same root meaning whole or complete.  Sounds perfect for yoga and today’s post by Yoga In My School specialist, Donna Freeman.  She gives Three Steps to Integrity for some Yogic insight on the theme of Integrity. Integrity – The Heart of Yoga By Donna Freeman Integrity is a moral

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Classroom Management: Do you ask kids questions like these?

kids yoga camp picture of Aruna and Charlotte

When teachers or parents start getting frustrated with children they often resort to asking questions to get back control of the situation.  The problem is when these questions aren’t really questions but are criticisms disguised as questions. Questions like these don’t help with classroom management and don’t help the child correct their behavior either. For example: A pre-school teacher assisting in yoga class who pulls an overactive 3 year old out of the room, stands over her asking:  “Are you

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