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Kids Need a Place to be Creative

Creative Movement in Yoga Class This week’s story about teaching kids yoga is from a 30 minute daycare class I teach to a junior school-age group (ages 5 – 7 years old).  This class has an even mix of boys and girls. A few of the children also play other sports and are very active and there are a few children who don’t exercise much.  So it’s a typical school class nowadays. Kids Yoga Teachers Get to Know the Personality

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March Break Kids Yoga

The Dead Body Test in Corpse Pose Take Yoga From March Break To Summer In Toronto, Canada, where I live, we’re getting close to March break where kids and teachers get the week off school. It’s a one week break and then everyone comes back for another ten or twelve weeks until summer holidays when school closes for most of June, and all of July and August. During March Break school closes down and the daycares get busy. I often

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Great Games for a New Kids Yoga Class

This question came in from a reader: Any advice on teaching yoga to a large group of kids, 21 to be exact, with ages ranging from pre-school to 5th grade? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately I’ve lost track of who sent in this question so please leave a comment if it was you – especially with an update. This is a great question because as a teacher there are a lot of challenges in a class like the one

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Winner of the DVD – Yoga Trance Dance

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment in the DVD contest from Acacia Lifestyles. The winner of the DVD is Yoga with Gayleee (aka – Gail Pickens) who wrote: Not teaching kids at the moment, except my toddler. And for some reason, she likes to crawl right underneath me when I do Down Dog, and she thinks anytime I’m in plank, that is her opportunity to play horse! I use craigslist and a local event calendar to market my yoga

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Kids Yoga Game Explains Marketing Tip for Teachers

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the Kids Yoga Teacher Training. The feedback has been very positive and it will be a very inspiring weekend for everyone who wants to teach kids yoga. Space is still available, you can find the details here. Today I have an important tip for your marketing plan and a kids yoga game that really emphasizes why this tip is so important. Yoga for Peace of Mind – and for some, A Business

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