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One Question We All Ask

Who am I? I’ve been encouraging everyone to do some market research before preparing your marketing plan, especially if you want to get more classes teaching kids yoga. If you have a good idea of WHO your customer is it will help you with your copy for your website and your posters. Last Day of the Survey (see right) From my survey on the right – it looks like most people are already teaching or want to teach. Today is

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A Game for Kids to Strengthen their Networking Skills

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Networking Game for Kids: Don’t Drop the Ball! I’ve been talking about the importance of networking for finding new kids classes. I know there are some of you who are already teaching classes or doing yoga with your kids at home. You may want to try this simple yoga game to help kids learn about networking and collaboration. One of my kids classes at the Bob Abate Community Centre starts up October 1. It takes place in the same room

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Games that Build Concentration and Focus

Beyond Meditation – Concentration in Action This week has been great having the Olympics on TV. The kids are really interested in them. In one daycare I did three half hour classes doing the Archer and the Rowing exercises. One with kids around kindergarten age (4-6 years), one with the junior school age group (7 – 8 years) and 30 minutes with the senior school age group (9 – 10 years). (see my last couple posts for info about these).

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A Tangled Mess: Yoga Octopus – Yoga for Children

What happens when an eleven year old gets a chance to teach the kids yoga class. How planning the warm-ups, yoga, and games, and the problems that follow build leadership skills in youth.

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Yoga Freeze Dance

Tween Games for Yoga and Fun This summer in my daycare class of tweens, we came up with a plan for yoga that all the kids are excited about. We agreed that the kids would teach the yoga class all summer long. It started when the kids requested to play tag one day. I thought of how much they like games, and how easy it is to play them. But tag isn’t yoga. … or could it be? Next class

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