How Beautiful is the Opening

“We are containers of Love and our only purpose of life is to love and pour out love.”
Occasionally a class can feel like a struggle. In retrospect, I
see I’m like a jar closed tight that I can’t get open to enjoy the good stuff inside it. Nothing can penetrate.
My favorite way to teach is to be open with the class. When I plan my classes I have a theme in mind (my motif – see the last entry) and a few key ideas, but I don’t plan every detail. When
I am open to the suggestions and ideas that always come up we have much more fun.
Who’s Hiding Under the Blanket?
On the them

Searching & Discovering – we played a hiding game this week. I used a thin wool shawl that you cannot see through and after the yoga pose everyone rested in child pose. Then I quietly walked around the room and slipped the blanket over one person and everyone guessed who’s under the blanket.

I played it in a few of the rooms in the daycare and we had alot of fun. When I got to the pre-schooler’s (age 2 1/2 – 4 years) they delighted in taking turns going under the blanket. So before we “hid” the kids said – “Now it’s Brianna’s turn to hide.”
The Fun of Flowing
These kids were enjoying a different kind of fun. When they popped up from under the blanket, smiling and arms stretched out in joy – it was an absolute delight. The teachers and parents watching could not help but get caught up in it. A magic had been opened up and poured out into the room.
That magic always trumps any of my other themes! It is the purpose and the reason I love teaching children’s yoga.
Here’s a fun post from David in Brazil describing one of his early experiences flowing with children’s yoga:

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  1. Hi Ganga,
    There are new talks from Tulshi Sen going up regularly so keep checking back on the link.

    I would love to show you what I’ve started on the kids yoga and see what song you come up with for it. Sounds like fun.

    Looking forward to more of your blog posts too!


  2. Hello Aruna,
    What an amazing way to look at ourselves as jars of Love. I just listened to the recording on

    Thanks for letting me know about the morning talks. They really help to steer my day in the right directions. Heyy and I just told some people about your awesome kids yoga classes. More and more people are asking me if you will make a video so parents and kids can do the yoga exercises at home… I’d love to help write the soundtrack……

    Lots of Love,