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How to Start a Kids Yoga Program at a School

Back to school looms closer and closer. This is good news for kids yoga teachers interested in finding new classes. Here are some pointers, from experience, on how to get a kids yoga program into a school.

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3 Hard-to-Teach Kids Yoga Poses

Find out what doesn’t work BEFORE you are with the kids. These three poses require more time and energy to teach to kids. Knowing which poses they are can enhance your kids yoga classes.

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To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga

To Diana – for 14 Years of Yoga. For playing yoga games, listening to yoga music, and doing kids meditations on so many four hour drives to Ottawa. For having a yoga birthday party – because you love yoga (picture link)! For posing for countless yoga pictures. See how yoga can become a part of a child’s life with these remarkable results.

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5 Potential Life Saving Summer Safety Tips That Should Not be Ignored

Yesterday I was saddened by some tragic news at the daycare where I teach yoga.  They were grieving three recent deaths in the community. These occurred in two separate incidents outside of the daycare – but all involved drowning. A three year old boy drowned at home when he wandered off and fell in the pool.  He was a student at the daycare. The shock and sadness still lingers in his classroom. The other involved the uncle and cousin of

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New Start, New Courses, & New York City

Did you ever notice how the word “news” has “new” in it? I guess its obvious but  I noticed it when I started planning the summer. Mostly I think of news as doom and gloom. But when I realize it probably started a long time ago with someone saying, “Hey, what’s NEW?”  News is way better from the NEW perspective. I’ve got NEWs. New York City Get Ready! First, I’m very excited to be taking a girls-only trip to New

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