What’s the Most Effective Way to Get a Job Teaching Kids Yoga?

What is the most effective way to get a job teaching kids yoga?

When Not to Keep a Secret It’s been around for ages. It’s used by royalty and paupers. It’s among the fastest growing applications on the Internet. It’s blogged about, whispered about, and even twittered about. Go to any job hunting club or website and its usually the number one method listed of getting a job. It’s the time tested and proven MOST effective way of getting work. It’s NETWORKING. It’s How People are Hired Indeed most people are hired by

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How to Get Yoga Classes in Daycares

yoga classes in daycares

A Short Story of One Successful Switch to becoming a Kids Yoga Let’s all agree that we understand how great yoga and meditation are. Also that we wish it was something we had learned at a young age. And what a difference yoga and meditation can make in a life. I’m going to assume that everyone agrees that teaching yoga to kids is not only personally rewarding, but a really useful foundation for young leaders of the future. I’ll even

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One World, One Dream – What is a Dream?

One World One Dream

Daring to Dream or Playing it Safe The Russian Gold Medalist on the Trampoline, 2000 (picture from CBC.com) Before I go into my next topic on how to get new classes to teach in daycare, I want to finish off the Olympics with a bit of a spiritual discussion. One World One Dream – What is a Dream? The theme of the Olympics this year, is One World One Dream. They used the word Dream to represent the spirit of

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Row Your Yoga

Row your boat yoga

  Learning the Skills of the Future – for Personal Success and More The skills kids develop through this exercise are more than strenghthening their core abdominal muscles and arms. Learning cooperation and the art of relationship will be a great tool in their future lives in the business world too. It is a great confidence builder when together you get the job done. In your kids yoga class discuss what it takes to be on the Olympic rowing team.

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